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Back to School Season is Here! Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Home Too!

Summer is almost over and students are starting back to school in just a couple of weeks! With the last few weeks ahead of us, we are busy with back to school shopping, family events, and backyard barbecues. With all of that on our minds, it can be diffcult to remember that our homes need attention as well. It is easy to overlook the dirty patio, or the mildew on the side of the house, or caked on dirt in the window sills when our minds are racing trying to keep up with our kids, work, schedules, and life in general.

Here at Squeegee Pros, we offer a wide variety of services, including pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter clean-out and polishing, that will assist you in keeping up the appearance of your home, especailly during one of the most hectic times of the year.

August is National Happiness Happens month, so let's not forget to bring some happiness to our homes appearance this August. Window cleaning makes for a great start!

Give us a call today to schedule your pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or window cleaning today! Our homes need love too!

Christine Davis
Squeegee Pros Residential Administrator

How to Maintain Your Home During the Selling Process

Selling a home is all about attracting and impressing prospective buyers. Landscaping and outdoor features such as pools, patio decks can attract the eye of homebuyers looking to make the most of warm summer temperatures. It is also great for the homeowner who does not have to contend with removing leaves or snow from walkways and paths before a visit. What can homeowners do to give themselves an edge during summer months when selling a home?

Regular maintenance and sprucing up the outside of a home can add curb appeal and boost value of a home. These maintenance tips help homeowners get optimal value for their investment.

Clean Your Gutters

You get top dollar for your home when you take the time to maintain it. Clogged gutters can create an eyesore and encourage the growth of plants and mold. Gutters are designed to collect rain and distribute the water away from the house. If gutters are not allowed to do what they are designed for due to clogs or damage, residential homeowners may have to deal with problems including:
  • Home damage to the roof, basement and foundation of a home.

  • Mold formation.

  • Pest infestations from vermin such as ants, mice, mosquitoes, squirrels and more.

All of these issues can be a reason for a homeowner to reduce the price on a selling property. In addition, homeowners will need to lay out additional money to repair structural issues, roof shingles or address a pest problem. Pest infestations are known to result in a significant drop in property value when it comes time to sell a property. Taking the time to clean and repair existing gutters or having our Squeegee Pros team do it for you can reduce the chances of significant water damage to a property or a pest problem.

Freshen Up the Outside

The majority of homebuyers want to feel like they can move right in to a home without having to deal with making significant changes or repairs to the inside or outside of the home. The thing is, buyers aren't really looking for fixer-uppers as much as TV shows might suggest, and, when they do, they're typically the side benefiting from the transaction. Discolored lawns, cracked and moldy sidewalks, and dirty windows, siding and decks give a prospective homebuyer more work to do and may decrease how much you can get for your home. In addition, these issues can make a home look old and ill-maintained which can trigger homebuyers to more thoroughly investigate a home as they consider it for purchase.

Easy ways to freshen up the exterior is with a new coat of paint to doors and exposed wood, pressure washing decks and porches, washing siding and windows, and regularly mowing and maintaining lawns and landscaping features. According to the National Association of Realtors, pressure washing can increase the value of your home by as much as $15,000. Summer is also the best time to highlight the outdoor living space of a home. Stage those outdoor BBQ and large decks and patios and invite prospective buyers to envision themselves gathering with friends and family. These tips give your home that necessary appeal to attract prospective buyers and get more from your sale.

Take Care of the Lawn and Landscaping

Keep the lawn green and cultivate aesthetically-pleasing plants around the home. Those looking to sell during the summer should regularly mow the lawn and water it to avoid dealing with a burnt lawn. Attend to dry patches and holes as they might be the sign of pests. As for the garden, remove any dead or dying plants, weed the flower beds and give summer plants plenty of loving care and attention. This is the time of the year to make the most of flowering plants but it is also a period when homeowners must mow quickly-growing lawns and trim hedges and landscaping features. All of the green and well-cared for foliage will add to a home's appeal. As most real estate agents suggest, stage your home for the season, starting from the outside in.

Get Help to Maintain Your Home

Maintaining a home takes time and effort. Squeegee Pros gives you the hand you need to keep your home in tip-top shape for prospective homebuyers. We offer gutter cleaning services, window washing, house washing, exterior gutter brightening, deck, dock, fence and hardscape pressure-washing, driveway and sidewalk pressure washing and more.

A special thanks goes to:

The Kris Lindahl Team at RE/MAX Results
2407 109th Ave NE Suite 110
Blaine, MN 

How a Clean Gutter Protects Everything Under It

When a puddle of water mysteriously appears on the basement floor, or water seeps into a house and leaves an ugly yellowish-brown blotch on the wall or ceiling (a prime breeding ground for mold), you might look for a leak in the roof, or cracks in and around the walls, windows or doors. Sometimes you do indeed need to repair or replace a roof that's seen better days. And if your windows and/or doors are warped, rot-damaged, or just plain old (and not energy efficient), perhaps they do need to be replaced.

BUT, when water enters your basement or beaches any area of your home, it can can quite often be traced back to clogged gutters. Gutter cleaning will resolve this issue before it starts.
One inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof sends more than 600 gallons of water into your gutters. Properly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts take on all that water and send it away from your home and property; when they're clogged, the water cannot flow through the gutter and downspouts and away from the house. Some of the rainwater will find another path and end up where it will do extensive damage to your house and property.
Maintain your gutters and downspouts and you will avoid many conditions that undermine the integrity of your home including:

  • Flooding
  • Foundation damage
  • Pest infestation
  • Roof damage
  • Warped and rotted window frames, siding and doors
  • Mold
Repairing structural damage to your home is far more expensive than maintaining your gutters and downspouts. And a recent survey found that 30% of homeowners and renters who had issues with mold spent more than $5,000 to mitigate the damages.
Learn how important your gutter is from the top of your house to the bottom and you will never take it for granted again!

Cleaning Gutters is laborious and dirty, no homeowner enjoys this task. We offer gutter cleaning services, inside or outside so you don't have to climb ladders and get your hands dirty. No more asking the neighbor or your husband to clean the gutters and hoping they don't fall. Call us and we'll get it done quickly and efficiently. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from gutter cleaning. Call us today at 704-799-0313 ext 1 or click here to contact us.


3 Reasons Why You Need a House Wash

3  Reasons Why You Need a House Wash

·      Keeps Up the Value of Your Property
Who does not like keeping their house looking brand new? Pressure washing your house makes the value of your home increase by $10,000-$15,000 according to the National Association of Realtors plus it gives you the great curb appeal. 

Does your home happen to look like the before picture? If it does, this is a serious health issue.

·      Prevents Health Issues
Pressure washing your home protects your family from the exposure of mildew, mold, dirt, algae, etc. The longer you let these issues sit on your home the more it can become life threatening to your family. 

·      Saves Time & Money
When you are pressure washing your house, it saves you time by not having to mix chemicals, not having to wash it by hand and taking one or two days to do it. Hand washing your home does not have the same power as pressure washing. It also saves you money because it prevents costly repairs that the mildew, mold, dirt, algae, etc. could cause.

Squeegee Pros is one of the leading pressure washing company's in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. We have a #1 A Rating  with Angie's List, with more "A" Ratings than any other company in the Charlotte region.  So don't hesitate to call one of our pressure washing 'pros' today.
Call us today at 704-799-0313 or visit us by clicking here.
Danielle, Squeegee Pros Office Floater

Causes of Algae and What To Do About It

Here at Squeegee Pros we know the knowledge to keep your home safe from algae and how to get the stubborn stuff off of your home. Algae can make your home look terrible but it could also harm your home in some cases.

Algae on building walls: Algae is often confused with mold . A common condition that is found on many types of building siding: green (or brown or black) algae growth. Algae is found on siding that is shaded and stays damp.

Is this your home?

While algae stains on exterior walls are principally a cosmetic concern and can be cleaned using scrubbing, mild soaps, or more aggressive TSP-substitute cleaners or detergents, there may remain a hidden problem: any building wall that stays damp and shaded may be at higher risk for hidden insect or rot damage.

If there is an accessible crawl space or basement below a wall that's a good place to look for signs of building leaks, rot, or insect damage.

Here at Squeegee Pros, we believe these black specs may be a fungal growth. Artillery fungus can produce black specs on a building wall, trim, or other outdoor surfaces. Similar black specs may be found on exterior siding where the attachment points of vines have adhered to the surface.

Squeegee Pros is one of the leading pressure washing company's in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. I just thought it would be good to give you a little information about algae and the harm it could be causing your home. So don't hesitate to call one of our pressure washing 'pros' to get Algae off your home today.
Call us today at 704-799-0313 or visit us by clicking here.
Barry, President of Squeegee Pros

Why Price Matters?

At Squeegee Pros, we may not always be the lowest price in town but we are ok with that and I would like to share why.
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured are three very important words no one should take likely, especially in the service business. They are three words anyone can put on a website or business card but do all companies have all three of these very important items. I can assure we do. Just visit our website at SqueegeePros.com to view them.

Do you know that in North Carolina that if you do not have three or more full time employees you do not have carry workman compensation insurance? Click here to see NC Laws.

This allows the smaller companies or the one man shows do the job cheaper. I know this can be great for your pocketbook but let's look at this in a difference way. You have a company cleaning your gutters and for some reason the technician needs to get on your roof and he falls. He is going to be out of work for a while. So now your homeowner's insurance could be in jeopardy. What if a ladder falls and breaks your window? Who is going to pay for that? What if chemical is left on your vinyl siding to long and now your home is a different color? All these can happen. Let's face it you can go down to the local hardware store and start a small business for under $2,000. No one thinks to buy insurance or maybe they are going to buy it down the road. Down the road can be too late.

The cost of doing business and doing business right, yes can add to the price but it protects you as the homeowner and our customer. We do everything by the book and we do it right. We may not be perfect and there may be a mistake we have to fix a time or two but we do not play around with insurance. We want to protect our customers, our employees, and our company. This is subject we do not take lightly and neither should you. If you are going to choose Squeegee Pros for all your window cleaning, pressure washing, and guttering cleaning needs then please choose a company who have all the proper insurances; not just one but all three. It does a make a difference.

As the old saying states "Cheaper is not always better!"

Christina, VP of Squeegee Pros

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Importance of Gutter Cleaning
Your gutters are typically made up of interconnected troughs. These troughs channel water to and down your downspouts and ultimately away from your home. However, after fall, gutters tend to be clogged with leaves. The clogged gutter can result in the water backing up which can essentially damage your homes walls or foundation. It can ruin a home inside and out.
Let's take a closer look at a few of the reasons why you should absolutely have an annual gutter cleaning done on your home.
1.    Protect Your Home From Water Damage
Water damage can cause major problems in your home. It can cause mold and mildew to grow and can also weaken your homes foundation and walls. In some areas experts suggest that the drain pipe should extend at least five feet from your home. They also suggest that the entire gutter system gets inspected seasonally for corrosion, broken fasteners, separation between the connections and where the gutters meet the fascia.
2.    An Experts Eye
Although there is no unwritten rule that says you should use a professional gutter cleaning company to clean or inspect your gutters, there are benefits to doing that. A professional would likely spot things with an expert eye that you may miss. Water damage can be tricky. Sometimes what looks like a small problem could actually be a much larger issue.
3.    Animal and Insects
A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris also makes a nice home for pests, rodents, and bees. Gutters are a potential bomb above your head full of insects and critters, if you let them stay out of sight, out of mind.

With all this being said, you may be wondering, "How often should I be having my gutters cleaned?"
The short answer is at least twice per year. Ideally, you should have any debris removed after the leaves have fallen from the trees near your home. However, there are instances when you should remove the debris from your gutters more than just two times each year. A good example may be after a severe storm which blew substantial leaves, twigs, and other debris onto your roof.  Also, if you have several trees with branches that hang over (and drop leaves onto) your roof, your home may require more frequent gutter cleanings.
If you want to minimize the number of times each year that you clean your gutters you may want to think about installing a gutter protection system. ProGuard is a great product which keeps solid debris out of your gutters. You can also flush out your downspouts when you do clean your gutters to prevent debris accumulation inside them.

April, Office Manager at Squeegee Pros



Try “Home Refreshing” Rather Than Just Spring Cleaning

News You Can Use...

Too many people don't have the time or energy to do a full spring cleaning.

Thankfully, a quick and simple home refresh will go a long way toward making your home look new without breaking your back. And there are several ways to do this... easily.
For example, freshen up your entry simply by sweeping and mopping the front porch and adding a new welcome mat.

If you're fortunate enough to have a back entrance or mudroom, it's time to clear out all the remnants of winter. Consider adding extra storage with baskets, racks, or closet organizers to keep your newly tidied mudroom or entrance free. And while you are decluttering, why not tackle clutter catchalls like junk drawers and countertops? You'll be able to find things again, and your space will feel brand new.

Can't remember when you last cleaned your light fixtures? You're not alone; most of us miss this step during regular dusting. Try this. When you have your windows professionally cleaned, hire them to clean your high light fixtures and have them do the high dusting while you clean the lower light fixtures.

By wiping down neglected lamps and sconces (and those ever so dusty light bulbs), you'll lose the grime that's accumulated over many months (year's). Your living space will suddenly feel so much brighter and lighter you may decide to tackle your mirrors next. For best results, have your professional window cleaner do all of your home's mirrors too (quick and very inexpensive). 

It shouldn't cost the earth (or take forever) to change up your décor. New paint is great, but you can achieve a similar result with less work by applying one of today's trendy large scale adhesive murals to a blank wall.

The result: an instant access space that's easy to switch up when it's time for a change. And don't forget greenery. Add plants and flowers to your living space for that instant spring feeling.

What about the outdoor areas of your home? For best results, hire a professional exterior maintenance company to perform one or more of the following:

House Wash
Exterior Gutter Brightening
Deck, Dock, Fence, Hardscapes Pressure -Washing
Driveway and Sidewalk Pressure Wash

As you can see, spring cleaning no longer has to be intimidating. With these simple tweaks, your home will look and feel like spring before you know it.

Of course, the team at Squeegee Pros, Inc. can handle many of the tasks mentioned. Just call them at 704-799-0313. They can probably give you an estimate right over the phone or visit SqueegeePros.com.

Jim, CEO of Squeegee Pros

Tips for Making Your Windows More Energy Efficient

Most homeowners love the idea of lots of large windows in their home (we totally get it, Squeegee Pros loves windows too!), but if those windows aren't energy efficient, it can mean bad news for your home's heating and cooling bills.

Most of the energy loss from windows is due to air infiltration, which is when hot or cold air from the outside leaks into your home.  While ceilings, floors, doors, attics and basements are also common culprits of air infiltration, The Department of Energy reports that inefficient windows can account for "10% to 25% of your heating bill by letting heat out."

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your windows more efficient, which will be great for both the environment and your wallet!  

1.  Repair Your Existing Windows

As we mentioned, most of the heat lost through windows is due to drafts (or air leaks) and not actually through the pane of glass itself.  Older windows are especially likely to leak heat due to cracked panes or frames, spaces between the glass and the frame or windows that don't close properly.

In most cases you don't need to replace your entire window--you can get energy efficient windows by investing $1,000 or so in insulation, sealing air leaks, and making other repairs.  Find out if your window has any of the issues above and then make the necessary repairs. 
  • Use caulking or weather stripping to make sure your windows are properly sealed, which will help keep in the warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer.
  • Switch out single pane glass with double pane glass and look for windows with "Low-e" coating.  Low-e coating is a nearly invisible layer on the glass that has great insulation properties that keeps your heat inside in the winter and cold air inside in the summer.
  • Try adding a storm window or window inserts.  If your home has vinyl or aluminum windows that are leaky, these typically can't be repaired because they are all one piece.  But if you add a storm window with Low-e coating it can go a long way toward getting more energy efficient windows.

Squeegee Pros Tips for Energy Efficient Windows

2.  Install Window Coverings

Another way to improve the efficiency of your windows is by installing window coverings.  Window coverings can also be a charming and architecturally appealing addition to your home when done right (as window washers we always have curb appeal on the brain!).  Window coverings do a great job of keeping heat in, decreasing leakage and creating shade during the summer. 
Look into these different types of window coverings to determine which is best for your needs.
  • Awnings
  • Internal blinds
  • External blinds
  • Drapes or curtains hung as closely to your window as possible
  • Shutters

Shutters | Squeegee Pros Blog Tips

3.  Install New Windows

An obvious way to improve the efficiency of your windows is to install all new energy efficient windows.  Replacing the windows on your entire home can cost between $5,000 to $15,000, however, in the long run it will increase the value of your home and cut heating and cooling costs.  

Do your research to find out which windows will work best for your needs and the climate you live in.  Are you more concerned about keeping your home warm or cool?  The Department of Energy recommends installing ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows.  You should install double-pane windows with high-performance glass that has low-e or spectrally selective coatings. In colder climates, gas-filled windows with low-e coatings will reduce heat loss.  In warmer climates, installing windows with spectrally selective coatings will reduce heat gain.

When putting in new energy efficient windows, always make sure they are properly installed by a professional or someone with sufficient experience (and make sure the manufacturer's instructions are being followed to a tee!)

4.      Plant a Tree

Shade is your friend when it comes to keeping your house cool!  In the summer, sun streaming through your windows can heat up your home significantly.  Try strategically planting a tree on the side of your house that gets the most sun.  Plant a deciduous tree that will provide shade in the summer but lose its leaves in the winter to let sun into your windows.

Hopefully these tips will help you transform your home from drafty to cozy and make outrageous energy bills a thing of the past.  Squeegee Pros' team of trained window washers is always here to make those new or repaired energy efficient windows sparkle and shine!  For more information on the services we offer check out our residential and commercial services pages or contact us at 980-359-0181. 

4 Reasons Clean Gutters are a Must Have this Spring

Squeegee Pros doesn't just clean and polish your gutters to keep your home looking beautiful (that's just an added bonus)--gutter cleaning is necessary to protect your home from serious damage that can lead to expensive repairs.
 Gutters are an extremely important part of your roofing system and they were designed to collect the rain that lands on your roof and shoot it away from the foundation of your home. If your gutter is clogged it can't do its job and this can lead to several problems, including:

1.  Gutter Damage

If gutter cleaning is ignored, gutters will become clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris which can weigh the gutters down and cause them to loosen or break away from your home.  Clogs can also lead to sitting water in your gutter which will eventually cause it to rust and break.  No one wants to shell out the money for a new gutter when it could have been easily avoided with a few gutter cleanings per year.

2.  Home Damage

Damage to your home is a serious issue that can occur when you don't have clean gutters.  If the water can't flow freely through your gutter it can overflow and seep through your roof.  This can create leaks that most commonly run down the walls of your home where the ceiling meets the walls.  If the water is not being pushed away from your home, it can also collect at your home's foundation and seep into your basement.  Not only will this slowly destroy your foundation and create structural issues, the water in your home can create mold, which can be another expensive problem to fix.

3.  Ice Damming

When clogged gutters have water in them and that water freezes, this creates an "ice dam" which prevents water from flowing off of your roof (and can lead to some of the issues mentioned above).  It's important to prepare for the winter months with the proper maintenance and a thorough gutter cleaning.   Charlotte, NC and other areas where it typically freezes at some point during the winter (sometimes as early as October) should make it a point to have clean gutters in the late fall. Though icicles forming on your home may make you feel like you're in a winter wonderland, they are actually a sign that your gutters are not working correctly.  Gutters were meant to prevent icicles from forming on your roof because they can cause damage to your shingles.  The weight from the ice can also rip your gutter right off your home.

4.  Critters

Clogged gutters can also look like a comfy spot to call home for a variety of insects including mosquitoes, wasps, ants and even squirrels and mice.  When these vermin build nests in your gutters the clogging issue can become even worse and they may eventually find their way into your home.  Unless you're in the market for some new pets, that's a good reason to have clean gutters!

Gutters should drain your roof, not your bank account!  Maintaining your gutters is much easier than dealing with the problems and expenses a clog can cause.  By the time you notice your gutter is clogged, it's likely that damage has already occurred.
We recommend cleaning your gutters a minimum of twice per year.  Ideally, gutters should be cleaned in early fall and late fall, early winter and spring to prevent clogging.  This can vary depending on where you live and how many trees you have around your home.

We also suggest you hire professionals because of the risk involved in cleaning gutters.  Professionals can spot and take care of any gutter issues before they become a serious problem.  If you decide to do your gutter cleaning on your own, make sure to do it safely and have someone spotting your ladder at all times.

If you have any questions about gutter maintenance or would like to schedule a gutter cleaning, Charlotte, NC is home to the Squeegee Pros and we would be happy to serve you!

Please call 704-799-0313 or fill out the form on our contact page.