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The Importance of Routine Window Cleaning

Charlotte Window CleaningAlthough windows appear to be solid and smooth, they are actually porous when viewed under a microscope.  Glass is actually a series of "peaks and valleys" which capture and trap airborne debris and can attract and hold pollen and environmental pollutants such as acid rain, salt water, rust, airborne pollutants and calcium salts.  Additionally windows can become water spotted and unattractive.    This debris and/or discoloration can diminish glass integrity.

Acid rain and salt can be particularly damaging as they can permanently "etch" the glass that will require window replacement.   Rust or oxidation will permanently discolor a window causing reduced efficiency.

Most newer homes contain thermal paned windows to reduce energy costs.  These windows are designed to provide an "R-value" or resistance to heat gain or loss.  Many homeowners don't understand that this "R-value" is based on a clean window and that pollutants, discoloration or spotting can significantly reduce the efficiency of the window.  Keeping these windows clean will improve the resistance to heat gain or loss and allow the windows to better regulate the effects of exterior weather on overall energy costs.W

We recommend that windows be routinely cleaned at least 2x per year and more often if there is construction or heavy pollen.  The cost of cleaning the windows will be significantly offset by the energy savings

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