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Meet Our Team

Welcome to Squeegee Pros, Inc. Learn about and see the people that make up my dedicated Management Team. Scroll down a little further to see our Residential Technicians.

  You found us. More importantly, you found the right company. Are you tired of dealing with unkempt, unprofessional and potentially untrustworthy service personnel? Are you tired of worrying about damage to your furniture, carpets, or merchandise? Have you had technicians show up late or not at all with no call letting you know.  Or have technicians leave only to find streaky windows? My name is Jim DuBois, founder of Squeegee Pros, Inc.

Read more about Jim and how he started. Since April of 1996 we have been providing professional window washing services to the residents of the Charlotte Area including homeowners, building owners and management companies, hospitals and hotels, condominium and town home associations as well as financial institutions and retail stores.

There are many reasons to choose us, three being on the homepage, which are:
  1. More than 1,000 'A' ratings on Angie's List (no company in the United States has this honor)
  2. Free gift card if we don't promptly and efficiently estimate your residential service request within 3 days (no company in the region offers this either)
  3. And countless 5 Star testimonials (a testimony to us and every single one of them are 100% authentic)

Here's 10 more reasons to choose us:
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • We will arrive on time (or you will receive a phone call).
  • We clean windows all year round.
  • We always wear shoe covers when in your home.
  • References available upon request.
  • Easy, flexible residential scheduling and small commercial auto-schedule, plus we always return phone calls.
  • Free on site estimate (we can give you an idea of price over the phone but we will gladly give you a firm on site estimate).
  • We actually really do Safety Meetings and we actually do carry Worker's Compensation.
  • Convenience: Dedicated phone staff, no-hassle service plan.
  • Background checks. We don't just hire anyone.
We are confident that you will love the way we do business. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and experience the highest level of window cleaning and pressure washing services available. Let me introduce you to the others on my management team that make us the best around.
Barry is the President of Squeegee Pros. He was interviewed by a former manager in a parking lot in Mooresville and hired on the spot to start his training on storefront window cleaning. I met him shortly thereafter and immediately saw the gleam in his eye. This impressive young man has been with me since 2005 and continues to make me proud, starting as a commercial storefront window cleaner and rising through the ranks to now run my company. And he does it almost flawlessly.

Barry has been in many roles but played an integral part in expanding into the large commercial and mid-rise markets, expanding the small commercial division into its own million dollar plus division, while helping me secure the existing management team that is now in place. He is the hardest working, loyal, passionate, no fear, and most committed person I know. I am honored to have him on my team. Barry has become much more than a friend versus just a business associate.
Christina is the Vice President of Operations here at Squeegee Pros. I personally interviewed her in 2006 at the local Starbucks for a commercial sales position with my company. I did not know it yet but it was the beginning of an amazing business relationship. Impressed by her enthusiasm, matter of factness, and questions she asked, I immediately hired her and she took the position very seriously and quickly excelled at it. Like Barry, I saw more in Christina and approached her for a management position on the commercial side and she quickly moved up the ranks and has played an integral part in expanding our regional division into a multi-state operation east of the Mississippi, and has become a pivotal leader in my organization.

She continues to astound me with her decision making abilities, great attitude, and forward thinking. I am honored to have Christina on my team. She has also become not just a friend but a trusted leader and important business associate.
April is the Squeegee Pros Office Manager and has been with us since 2010. Not surprisingly, she has now become the official office floater, whether regional, commercial or residential, she has the skill and knowledge to get any administrative job done. She keeps the entire office going efficiently and with expertise. You may also see her in the field collecting invoices. But if you see her in the field washing windows, you will know why she is deemed, "fastest woman window cleaner in the east." She is lightning fast, and has even trained some of our best company window cleaners.

April started as a commercial window cleaner, became a Commercial Area Manager and has since made a lateral move to the office. April handles commercial past dues, large commercial follow up, and a whole lot more.
James is the company's Residential Certified Trainer and heads up the entire residential division training program. A daunting task in the busy season, but he handles it with ease. He oversees our schedulers, to keep all the crews' calendars moving forward and full. Many of you reading this may have  talked to him on the phone or in person. James' experience in anything residential makes him the perfect candidate to train our technicians into who they are today.

He is always on his game, pays extreme attention to detail, is very knowledgeable on all of our residential services, bringing years of experience into our company.  He is a "work til I get it done company man" personality which makes him a great asset to this ever growing division. Always positive, always smiling, and eager to learn, we appreciate having James' on our team.

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The Squeegee Pros Residential Team