Lake Norman

More about Jim DuBois and how Squeegee Pros came to be...
(as quoted by an associate)

When Jim was 18-years-old, he moved from the farms of Indiana to the far more metropolitan area of NJ. Jim always had an entrepreneurial spirit and was determined to find something to do on his own and now that he was in NJ, opportunities began to present themselves. After a small handful of jobs, Jim found and landed a job working as a window washer. Applying his mid-western, military school, work ethic, Jim worked hard and learned everything he could about window washing. He worked for a company cleaning commercial storefronts and just one year later, Jim and a friend made the bold move to go on their own. Dun-Rite Window Cleaning was born. Six years later, still only 25, Jim sold his half of Dun-Rite Window Cleaning along with a customer base of over 600 commercial stores.

Then, as proof that sound business sense and practices will serve well in any venue, Jim became involved in a network marketing venture that ultimately grew to over 2,000 distributors in his network selling over $2,000,000 annually in products. Jim's strategic thinking drove yet another successful venture. Two ventures down and another big one ahead.

In 1996, Jim relocated to the Lake Norman area taking his time to fully investigate his options for what opportunity to tackle next. His options were open but undecided. He knew Charlotte was a growing metropolis and the right business venture could prove quite successful if pursued correctly. One day, while out shopping for a mattress on Independence Blvd. in Charlotte, Jim saw his future, and it was also his past. As he approached the mattress store, Jim noticed that the windows were dirty. Jim thought to himself, "Hmmm, if I can convince the owner of this store to hire me to clean his windows, I'll go back into the window cleaning business, if not, I'll try something else." It was literally a flip of a coin.

As luck would have it, the store owner said yes and a few days later after purchasing some window cleaning equipment, Jim showed up in a slightly less than conventional work vehicle, which was a gold late model Corvette, the back loaded with the necessary window cleaning equipment. So it was that day back in April of 1996, that Squeegee Pros was born and even in today's uncertain economy, the business has grown to serve three distinct markets: small commercial, residential, and low to mid rise buildings. And the next venture, #4, is licensing what he knows nationally to help others duplicate what he has done. With over 3,000 commercial on-going program clients; 8,000 residential clients and dozens of low to mid rise and new construction cleanup projects annually, one being Charlotte Douglas Int'l airport, is proof of his business acumen and attention to service, Jim still has that gleam in his eye - - looking for the opportunity to improve Squeegee Pros and leaving a legacy with those that choose to follow him.

Three of the keys to his success has been, 1) Always have a goal. A weekly goal, a monthly goal, and an annual goal with the dream always in mind. 2) Just don't quit. A famous quote from his friend and upline network marketing mogul Richard Kall in Jim's previous venture. Perseverance always pays off in the end. Keep swinging the bat, because you never know when you'll hit that home run. 3) Taking care of his best employees while treating his dedicated management team like gold. He has an amazing staff, some of whom have been with him since the early days. Why? "My motto is to find the right person that fits the right position. I'll even rotate employees through several jobs titles until the job fit is a good fit. If you have someone good, you figure out a way to keep them, and keep them happy." If you talk to Jim, you'll see that he is very proud of his management team and he will be the first to tell you that he could not have done 'this' without them. "They know who they are", he says. Jim doesn't believe in sitting back and waiting for innovation to come to him. This is a man with a mission. You will hear him say, "You can parachute me or any member of my leadership team in any city in the country and we can recreate what we have here in Charlotte." Jim is as passionate today as he was when he started the business more than 20 years ago.

And he is just as committed to community service. Jim and his staff has donated and cleaned the windows for the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte, NC. News crews were on site as Squeegee Pros' talented technicians, with their red noses on (for the kids to see) cleaned all the windows inside and out of the 4 story building. "I never saw so many kids with smiling faces", Jim said. Jim and his organization also support Samaritan's Feet, Autism Awareness, and Pinky Swear Foundation.

Thus it is that the northern transplants continue to "pay it forward." Jim, the founder of Squeegee Pros, has not only held back the hands of the clock, he also moves forward one window at a time.