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Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

It seems as though summer was just yesterday. Now that the colder weather has found its way in, it's time to prepare for the upcoming winter months. Winter as we know it is a time for resting and spending more time indoors compared to the summer months; we don't want this spoiled by malfunctioning appliances and systems. Maintenance is the best method of preventing expensive repairs down the road. Before you get too deep into winter, make sure to run through some checklists to ensure a cozy and easy winter.

Get furnaces and heaters checked.
North Carolina, despite being a southern state, does have its cold days, especially at night. Checking up on your heater not only protects its longevity, it can also keep it running efficiently. Start by making sure its filter is replaced. Heating units also tend to collect dust and debris, so we suggest cleaning it at the start of every winter. And, last but not least, have it serviced by a technician, especially if its older. Your yearly home maintenance checklist should always include checking HVAC units!

Have your chimney inspected.
If you plan on burning wood in your fireplace this winter, don't do so without making sure your chimney is up to shape first. Dirty or clogged chimneys can cause safety hazards when lighting fires in it. Have it cleaned and inspected for any damage this winter.

Clean your carpets.
The fibers in your carpet can trap germs, odors, and even allergens from the summer and fall months. Start fresh during the winter by having your carpets professionally cleaned. A professional cleaning removes all of the unwanted particles from your floor and leaves you with a clean and healthy home!

Check up on pipes.
One of the biggest threats to a home in the winter months are leaking and busted pipes that can be caused by pipes freezing and then cracking. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars in damage which can be prevented by catching leaks early on. Leaks can be hard to detect sometimes, but some indicators include damaged flooring, ceiling stains, and puddles. Have these issues fixed immediately before they turn into expensive messes.

Clean out the fridge.
We often forget about the interior of our refrigerators until we're forced to scrub it down after forgetting about some produce and letting it go rancid. Our refrigerators need some TLC without the incentive of rotting broccoli. Ditch expired condiments and organize the contents of what's left. After that, clean out the crumbs, wipe down any spills, and disinfect. The delicious winter squash soup you made will thank you!

Clean windows.
The winter isn't known for bright and sunny days. Bring in as much sunshine into your as possible during the bleak months by deep cleaning windows. Oftentimes, dirt, dust, and smudges can dull natural light and doing a deep cleaning of your windows will allow a brighter home year round. Adding this to your home maintenance schedule will make winters just that much more manageable.

Speaking of cleaning windows, we here at Squeegee Pros of Lake Norman and Charlotte have provided unparalleled window cleaning service and more to homes, businesses, and new construction projects for over 20 years! We firmly believe that clean windows and a clean home can improve your livelihood. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Never Clean Your Gutters Again With ProGuard

Getting Tired of Cleaning Your Gutters? Try ProGuard!

Your rain gutters are an important part of your home's preventative maintenance system, however sometimes they can become blocked by leaves, needles or debris. High quality and proven gutter guards can prevent debris from accumulating and help avoid the dangerous climb up a ladder to clean them out sometimes up to 3 times per year. If you don't have gutter guards or covers, the following extensive and costly damages can occur around your property, all caused by uncontrolled rain water following the path of least resistance:

·      Siding and fascia board rot
·      Wet Basement
·      Foundation Repairs
·      Landscape Erosion
·      Interior Water Leaks
·      Gutter Sagging
·      Mold or Pests

That's why Pro Guard Gutter Protection is so necessary in preventing the costly damage that could occur without protection installed and the potential savings with an investment in a high quality and dependable gutter product such as Pro Guard!

Lower-Cost, Superior Technology, Lifetime Guarantee

Pro Guards unique design handles a ton of rain water, Pro Guard is guaranteed for life never to clog. Install it once and be done. Continued inspection checkups are $75 per visit if needed and include replacing any Pro Guard sections as necessary at  cost. Pine needles WILL NOT stick into the product as the 50 micron width holes are too small. In fact, even shingle grit will not penetrate Pro Guard - only water will. It is the best product on the market for keeping out pine needles.

Pro Guard's Pine Needle product is a combination of an expanded metal base that is topped with a stainless micro mesh screen for superior performance. The design is ideal for all homes and does not interfere with shingles. Does not penetrate the roof. The combination of the strength of the expanded metal and the performance of the mesh screen protects your gutters from Pine Needles, Maple Seeds, Oak Tassels, Ash Tree Quils and Small Debris. Excellent for all roofs, including: Slate, Asphalt, Shake, Flat, Tile, and Metal. Pro Guard Outperforms most products and is a great value. Designed to be low profile and virtually invisible. Some Pro Guard Features & Benefits Include:

·      Almost invisible
·      No end caps
·      Pops in and out (pressure fit) Won't blow out!
·      Does not interfere with shingles (Read this again)
·      Fits Slate, Shake, Tile, Metal and Flat roofs also
·      No roof penetration
·      Covers entire gutterno debris gets in

Click Here to get more information on a great product. If you are looking for a great gutter cleaning company in the Charlotte, NC area Click Here to see what makes us better than the rest. Either way, you will not lose!

Good Service or World Class Service?

   Everyone's heard the old saying "you get what you pay for."  This idiom is typically used to illustrate the tragic tale of purchasing an item that is priced fairly, but winds up breaking or not working as promised.  In our modern day society this phrase has become a tool of persuasion in an attempt to convince customers that their pricing is justified.  Unfortunately, many good people find themselves over-paying for sub-par service and a catchy name.

   What's in a name?  Take a moment to look at the very device you are reading from.  Why did you choose this product?  As a culture we are obsessed with quality and dependability. We want our purchases to work well and endure great lengths of time.  If the manufacturer of your computer didn't have positive reviews associated with it would you have purchased it?  The answer is no.  A company's name and reputation become synonymous.  

   Squeegee Pros is no different.  Since April of 1996 we have been providing professional window washing services to both businesses and residents of the Charlotte Area.  Early on, we recognized that good service wasn't good enough. Good simply means adhering to or fulfilling a particular cause.  There's good service everywhere, but how many times can you say you've had outstanding service?

   Our exceptional service has allowed us to become a dependable name within each community we serve.  We believe that you are more than just a customer, and your home is an extension of how you care and provide for your family.  During each service we ensure that every member of your household is acknowledged.  Our technicians are supplied with treats for your pets and stickers for the kids. Who does that?

   Don't just take our word for it though.  Squeegee Pros has over 1,000 "A" ratings on Angie's List as well as hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials.  Listed below are some additional examples of how our name is backed by outstanding service.

·       Satisfaction is guaranteed.
·       We will arrive on time (or you will receive a phone call).
·       We clean windows all year round.
·       We always wear shoe covers when in your home.
·       References available upon request.
·       Easy, flexible residential scheduling and commercial storefront auto-scheduling. 
·       We always return phone calls.
·       Free on site estimate (we can give you an idea of price over the phone but we will gladly give you a firm on site estimate).
·       We actually really do Safety Meetings and we actually do carry Worker's Compensation.
·       Convenience: Dedicated phone staff, no-hassle service plan.
·       Background checks. We don't just hire anyone.

We are confident that you will love the way we do business. To experience Squeegee Pros World Class Service, contact us today.  We would love to speak with you and provide you with a detailed estimate.  We guarantee that you'll experience the highest level of window cleaning and pressure washing services available. We're more than a name, we're an example of quality and dependability.  Let us prove why we are the best.  

Eryn, Commercial Administrator

Squeegee Pros, Inc.
Home of NC's Best Window Washers 
Reply Here: Residential@SqueegeePros.com

Squeegee Pros Annual Back To School Drive

The new school year is right around the corner and the mad dash for supplies has begun.  However, there are some families who are unable to afford basic school necessities.  That's why we need your help...

Squeegee Pros has been dedicated to serving the community for over 22 years.  Our wish is to be able to provide kids in need with supplies that will allow them to succeed this school year.  We are currently collecting donations from our commercial and residential clients to help make this wish a reality. 

Needed supplies include (but are not limited to) pens, pencils, paper, backpacks, and binders.
As a thank you, we have decided to run a special for International Pressure Washing Day -  August 23!  

From now until September 7th 2018 we will take $25 off any pressure washing service with the mention of this email. 

Additionally, we will personally donate school supplies to a local school in your honor.
If you'd like to donate supplies directly:

  • You may give them to the technician at the time of cleaning.
  • Drop items off at our Mooresville office.
  • Or mail the items to our office.
1219 River Highway, Mooresville NC 28117

We are thankful for your support and look forward to working with you to make this school year the best one yet!

Squeegee Pros, Inc.
704-799-0313 ext 1
Home of NC's Best Window Washers 
Reply Here: Residential@SqueegeePros.com

What to look for when hiring a window cleaning company.

All of us at some point we all must hire a company or a contractor to perform work on our home. There are several steps you should follow when looking for a company. 

1.    Get multiple bids.  With this being said, do not always go with the cheaper price. You get what you pay for most of the time.  Price can depend on if a company has insurance or employees. 

2.    Get your estimate in writing. Also consider, it is an estimate and prices may change depending on the situation. Here at Squeegee Pros we do most of our estimating over the phone and/or internet, so our estimates are verified upon arrival. 

3.    Check reviews. Never go with a company that has all postive reviews as no one is perfect and this should be seen as a red flag if they do. But at the same time, if all the reviews are negative, well then most of us move on. Primarily positive with a handful of less than 5 Star reviews make for a good mix. This way you know the company and the reviews are for real and not manipulated. Our company has great reviews but we have some negative reviews in there as well. 

4.    Get a scheduled date and time. We stay booked out about two weeks so be prepared for that. Most reputable companies are booked several weeks out. That's a good sign! They are busy.

5.    Read the terms and conditions. This includes the warranty and the financial terms. Things like how many days to do I have to pay or is there a late fee. What is the guarantee if things don't look right? Do I need to call by a certain time?

6.    Once the company or contractor arrives go over the estimate again and get any changes in writing. 

7.    Once the project is completed, do a walk around. Make sure everything is complete as stated in the estimate and sign off that the project is done. We are 100% paperless and everything is done by our mobile tablets, so our customers can pay on-site as well. 

These are just 7 simple steps to make your project goes a little smoother as we all know projects can become a headache. At Squeegee Pros, we follow these steps for all of our services from windows to roof washing to pressure washing to gutter cleaning

Christina Burgin, President of Squeegee Pros, Inc.

Email or Call us today!


The kids are heading back to school. Time to clean house!

Summer has come to an end and the kids are leaving home! The house has been the least of your worries all summer long. All the little finger prints on the windows need to be cleaned off. The driveway and walkways are covered in chalk and dirt from playing hard. You've also realized the gutters are a mess from all the crazy Carolina weather.

Who else is there to call other than us, Squeegee Pros! Our team has an astonishing group of young men. Each one of them has a unique personality that is kind and welcoming. Your family will feel at ease with our teams. They are honest hard workers that strive to make you go "WOW"! They will take the time to clean every inch of the window where your children have smushed their little noses on the glass and pressed sticky fingers while waiting on the ice-cream truck to come by. Our team(s) work hard to be precise and not miss a spot. They will clean any window no matter the mess or height.
Our guys will work hard to turn that dark dirty driveway into a pretty bright white, just as if it was brand new! They will wash hard around the areas where you have tried for so long to remove the dirt stains and will get that nasty mold off as well. With all these rainy days we have had your gutters are most likely piling up with all kinds of debris. We can help with that! Our guys not only can clean out the gutters they can offer you a gutter polish treatment that will leave the outside looking better than ever! With the kids being home all summer you haven't had time to notice all this or maybe you have but have said to yourself there is no point until the kids are gone.

Well now is the perfect time! We even have a $35 off Back to school offer this month only! Call 704-799-0313 ext. 1 or email us today to save.

Top 10 Window Cleaning Myths

Top 10 Window Cleaning Myths

As long as there have been windows, there have been windows to clean, and finding the best way to clean them has been a question. There are many myths about cleaning windows and some are based in facts that used to be valid way back when. Times change, products and materials change and what once worked well, no longer works as well, and in some cases can be a problem. On the other hand, some of those myths are, in fact, true. Here, we take a look at some of the top window cleaning myths.

1.    Polish your windows with newspaper. Many decades ago that may have been true. Newspapers were thicker then and were often used in home window cleaning. Printers today need to save money so newspapers are considerably thinner. This means they tear and fall apart more easily than the papers of yesteryear. Additionally, the ink used on newspapers may discolor trim around the window. The microfiber cloths of today do a much better job at polishing windows. Chamois leather is also top-notch for window polishing.

2.    Dirty windows go unnoticed. If only that were true. Even windows that aren't being touched by people or pets get dirtier every day. Since the dirt and grime on such windows tends to be uniform, it could seem that no one notices, yet when the light hits the window at a certain angle, there it is. The haze from the dirt shows up spectacularly. When those grimy windows are cleaned, you will really be amazed at the difference. 

3.    Spot cleaning windows is good enough. For a time you may be able to spot clean your windows without them looking like you are cutting corners, but that will only work very short term. Sooner or later you are going to need to actually get the windows cleaned.

4.    Window cleaners are not good for the environment. It's a fact that we need to be more considerate of our planet-home; however, there are window cleaning solutions that will not harm the environment and are safe for humans to use. These alternatives may be more expensive, but you'll rest easy knowing that you are doing your part to protect the planet.

5.    Water and vinegar will do a great job cleaning the windows. This myth is partially true. While some sources nix the idea, others stand with it. The naysayers point out that vinegar and water smears the dirt and doesn't clean it away. The proof is in the pudding. On the other hand, just a touch of dish detergent in the water and vinegar mix seems to work wonders on inside and outside dirt and grime, leaving an unbelievably clean surface.

6.    Cleaning windows while the sun is shining is a bad idea. While this myth may sound false, it's actually true. If you've ever tried to clean a window full of sunshine you're familiar with the streaks and stripes left behind. You probably used an inordinate amount of elbow grease removing them, too! Had you left the job for a cloudier day or a time when the sun wasn't streaming in, the job would have gone easier. Water evaporates fast on heated window panes. 

7.    Glass cleaner will get rid of the streaks. Maybe, and maybe not. What really needs to happen is removal of all the fluid on the window pane. Glass cleaners have extra ingredients which is why they smell good. These extras can form a thin film on the glass which create streaks when the fluids dry.

8.    Hot water cleans windows faster. Intuitively it may seem so, but actually the water needs to be warm to the touch, just enough so cleaners can develop to their full strength without evaporating. 

9.    Rain makes windows dirty. Not true. In fact, rain can actually add longevity to the cleanliness of your windows. What makes it seem that rain adds to the dirt, is that the dirt or residue that is already on the window becomes more visible. Ground water on the other hand has lots of minerals, particulates and chemicals that will grime up your windows fast as it splashes up on them.

10.  It's cheaper for me to do it do it myself. This is another one that just depends on the situation. A small home with simple windows may be cost effective as a DIY job. A much larger multiple story home may benefit from the expertise and safety of professional window cleaners. You also need to figure in the time you'll spend washing windows to find out if it's worth the effort.

Let the sunshine in! Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals, you home will sparkle with a good window washing. 

About Joanne Aubuchon
Joanne is a resident writer for SERVIZ, an on-demand home services company offering everything from Plumbing repairs to Carpet Cleaning across the US. Joanne is a writer by day and reader by night. Joanne loves writing about saving money, raising kids and improving the quality of our lives. When she is not writing, you can find her trying out new salad recipes, playing ball with her kids, or cheering in the stands at her son's soccer games.

Professional Window Cleaners OR Maid Service is the question?

As we all know most maid services for your home or janitorial services for your business say, "We don't do windows" and that is correct. There may be a few companies that they do but I WOULD NOT take them up on that offer.  Most maid or janitorial services do not have proper equipment or technique to clean windows effectively or efficiently.
I know everyone has heard the best way to clean windows is to use newspapers and vinegar.  This is a myth because the newspaper is not supposed to be printed on.  

How about the more commonly referred to Windex and paper towels? This leaves streaks 90 % of the time.  This also causes more harm than good because you are rubbing the existing dirt around on the glass and in turn causes the glass to scratch.  It will also cause static charge and attract more dirt.

You would not have a gardener clean your pool so why have a janitorial service clean your windows?

A professional window cleaner will have the proper equipment to clean the windows in your home or business and not cause any harm while prolonging the life of your windows and also the frames, tracks, and sills. The professional window cleaning crew would be focused on one job and have the skills to clean any shape or size window thoroughly without worry to the homeowner. A professional window cleaner will provide cleanliness and precision. 

So why choose someone that is a "Jack of All Trades" when you can have a Professional Squeegee Pro Technician arrive and get the job done right.  Call our office today 704-799-0313 opt 1 for residential and opt 2 for commercial or email us directly at residential@squeegeepros.com for an estimate.

Christina Burgin,
President Squeegee Pros, Inc.


Why Do We Stand Out From The Competition? Why Are We The Obvious One To Call

Why Do We Stand Out From The Competition?
Why Are We The Obvious One To Call?

With spring just around the corner, you will encounter other companies that do what we do:
·      Window Cleaning
·      Pressure Washing
·      House Washing
·      Gutter Cleaning
So let's take a moment to discuss "perception" and "reality". Many window cleaning companies try to appear to their audience that they have it together when they really don't.
1.   They say they have insurance but don't have worker's compensation. If someone falls or gets hurt on your property, they sue you.
2.   They say their price is $99.00 but once they're in your home, it becomes a different story of intimidation and misconception to get you to pay more.
3.   They say their employees are background checked but are really not. Why? It costs money.
4.   They say their employees are drug tested but they're really not. Why? It costs money they don't want to spend.
5.   They say they will wash your screens but end up just brushing them off.

6. The list goes on and on depending on the company.
They will tell you all of these great things but when they show up to your home, the "perception" you had dissipates because they were not honest. They say anything and everything you want to hear so they can get the job and make that money, misleading you in price and in service. Unfortunately, that perception turns out to be something completely different. It becomes not about you, but about them.
Not the case with Squeegee Pros. We have branded ourselves as a leader in the community. A company customers know and trust for 21 years now. We are a company that spends almost $150 per person in background, driver, social media checks, and full panel drug tests before we hire someone to go into our home. Our interviews are not 10 minutes, but over an hour to help ensure we are hiring the right person. Our employees reflect on us as a company and we know it. We do performance reviews every 30 days vs every six months or in many companies like ours, probably not at all. Why? We want to help them become the best employee, technician, or manager they can possibly be.
We not only have general liability and worker's compensation insurance, but we are also bonded, and have umbrella policies in place to make sure we are covered and you are covered too.
All of these things cost money that many of our competitors don't want to spend. So when Bucket Bob shows up to your house with the $100 window cleaning deal, think again. Ours may be $150 but you will get every dollar's worth in service, professionalism, and value and just as important trust, knowing that you are protected from the beginning to the end of the job. What is that worth? The point is, we try hard to do it right and it costs money to do it right.
At Squeegee Pros, it really is about YOU and not us. You are our customer and we value that every single day. We do not take it for granted and know we have to be on our "A" game at every moment. You do not accumulate more "A" Ratings on Angie's List than anyone else in the country (1,000+) unless you are doing things right. We take things here at Squeegee Pros very seriously. If we have a bad apple on our team, we are quick to address it and eliminate, one way or another.
Our job, our mission is to give you exactly what you are paying for at a fair and competitive price. We've been around for 21 years for a reason. We truly strive to be #1, being the best. This is why we stand out from the rest. And this is why we are the obvious one to call when you are ready for service. (704) 799-0313 is our number and SqueegeePros.com is our website. We hope to hear from you soon.

Clean Your Roof. Don’t Replace It! And You Will Save $1,000’s!

Clean Your Roof. Don't Replace It! And You'll Save $1,000's!

Restore the beauty of your home. A dirty roof detracts from your home's curb appeal. You clean your siding, porches, and walkways. You may even apply weed control and fertilizers to spruce up your lawn and garden. But if you ignore those ugly roof stains, no matter what else you do to improve your home's exterior, those stains will be the main focal point of your home's exterior. And, if you are hoping to sell your house, roof cleaning is a must!

What is roof cleaning?

Roof cleaning is relatively new to most homeowners. The algae infestation that is taking place has only been present in our area for the last 20 years. Having streaks on your roof isn't a sign of poor home maintenance. Rather, the unsightly dark splotches that streak across roofs are caused by bacteria known as Gloeocapsa Magma; often referred to as algae growth. The growth typically occurs on the north side or shaded area of the roof. Though there is little scientific evidence of the harm caused by the bacteria, industry experts concur that it can help deteriorate shingles and shorten the life expectancy of the roof.
The Gloeocapsa Magma or Algae makes the roof susceptible to damage that may have not occurred had the roof been properly maintained. Furthermore, insurance companies can and will cancel your home-owner's policy for having a dirty roof demanding that homeowners have their roofs cleaned. They often only give a very short notice to comply, In some cases the home-owner was given less than a week and if not completed they  lose their insurance coverage. That's why it is SO VERY important to be proactive and have those roof stains professionally removed BEFORE you get that notice from your insurance company. Insurance companies know that untreated roof stains (black or green algae) will negatively impact the overall integrity of the roof, which can also lead to further damage INSIDE your home. Roof stains are seen as 'risks' that could cost them money in a claim.
The good news is that there is a solution despite what some people believe. Replacing your roof is an unnecessary expense that Squeegee Pros can help you avoid for a fraction of the cost!!!
Recommended Roof Cleaning Method (Soft Washing)

Any reputable roof cleaner should use cleaning methods recommended by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. Squeegee Pros uses the "soft wash" cleaning method in which we spray a biodegradable cleaning solution on the roof. It is the ideal method because the solution is designed to adhere to the roof, there is very little runoff and what does run off is captured and contained. Usually it will take two coats to get it all clean, but it's very visual when we are all done it's easy to see that everything has been performed correctly and for the next few days you will be able to see even more of a difference. After a rainfall or two your roof will be completely clean and rid of all stains, streaks, and problem causing growths that have been on your roof for years! For an average size house the cost may be $400-$800 compared to the unnecessary alternative which is replacing your roof for $8,000-$15,000 depending on the material and extent of damage.
Avoid Pressure Washing Your Roof

Avoid companies who offer to pressure wash the roof, or demand payment up front. Hire someone who knows what they are doing, roof cleaning is a relatively new industry and a lot of people just think that if they have a power washer, they are able to clean a roof. You should never allow anyone who utilizes a power washer...to clean your roof, as they are damaging the shingles by using this type of excessive pressure. Utilizing excessive pressure to clean or rinse a roof will shorten the shingle life dramatically. Roof cleaning should only be performed by a professional service that is knowledgeable and has the ability to provide the service safely and responsibly.

Soft Wash Process Vs. Pressure Washing

Traditionally in the past, exterior cleaning contractors used high pressure, which removes surface growths and biological contaminants with force. Unfortunately, this often causes damage, which we have seen countless times. This is the case even with well-meaning professional cleaning contractors. Manufacturers of the most common roof and exterior building products consistently warn against using pressure to clean their products. Sometimes even voiding the warranty.

Soft Washing Is the Only Smart Option!

Chemical cleaning is a much gentler method that uses similar pressure to a garden hose. The results of soft washing, on roofs, is by far superior, and becomes obvious minutes after starting.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Benefits Of Having Your Roof Cleaned?

Aesthetically it makes a major difference and it is immediate. Most homeowners are shocked at the difference. This is especially valuable when trying to sell a home. Obviously, the first impression is important. When the first impression is, "I will need to replace the roof in a couple years", that has a big impact on the sale. After we clean a roof the first impression will almost always be, "Great, it has a new roof."
Also, roofs can have their service life shortened due to bacteria and algae growth. Composition asphalt shingles, the most common type of roof in this area, are susceptible to damage from algae, moss, and lichen, and it's not just aesthetic. That is why insurance companies routinely threaten to cancel home-owner's insurance if a roof is not clean.
By James Bargmann 
Residential Supervisor