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Five Important Reasons To Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Fall is in the air.  As the weather changes and leaves start reflecting their fall colors and falling it is a great time to consider getting your gutters cleaned.   

Some Key benefits to regularly having your gutters cleaned:

1. Prevents water damage. 
Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks that damage ceilings, walls, fascia board, etc.

2. Eliminates leaves, twigs, etc., that serve as nesting places for pests.

3. Water from clogged downspouts can cause soil erosion

4. Helps to prevent floods in basements

5. Helps with the life span of the gutters and overflow from staining fascia board.

Frequency of gutter cleaning matters too. The more trees and leaves, the more gutter cleaning. If you clean the gutters yourself or hire an outside company consider three cleanings in the year: Spring, Fall, and Winter being most appropriate for heavy foliage in the fall. 

Our gutter cleaning service experts do a great job of cleaning the gutters out by hand and bagging all the debris.  In addition, they make sure the downspouts are unclogged and flowing properly.   

Give us a call at (704) 799-0313 ext. 1 and one of our friendly office staff would be happy to get you on the schedule.


Are you looking for that company with ALL 5 Star Reviews…well DON’T!

Are you looking for that company with ALL 5 Star Reviews...well DON'T!

Have you every had that one family member you cannot please, or have you ever forgot a task your wife/husband asked you to do? I am sure you answered yes to these questions. 

The same issues happen in a business.  No matter how hard anyone tries, not every transaction can go 100% and sometimes that is just an issue beyond anyone's control. We have had a machine break down or even the interstate being shut down due to an accident and no matter, the customer is quick to write a bad review. 

As a company it is how you handle the situation and the customer. Always, reply to the review, be professional, and state how you tried to fix the issue.  Make sure you are honest and polite even if the review is harsh and rude. How you handle the situation is a reflection on you and your company.  

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to the customer and saying "Ms. Jones, we understand we were late, and it was beyond our control, and you left us less than a 5 Star Review. We gave you a $50 credit on your invoice. Could you please change your review? We are not asking for 5 Stars; we are just asking you to be fair." Let the customer hear your side. Maybe the 1 Star will now go to a 3 Star and that is ok.  Remember no one is perfect. 

Customers are just looking for an HONEST company. If a company has all positive and no negative reviews, something is wrong. 68% of people are more likely to trust you if you have both negative and positive reviews.   People who seek out bad reviews stay much longer on your site than normal visitors, and view almost four times as many pages. 95% of people suspect censorship or faked reviews when they do not see negative reviews. 

This is the same for Employment websites. If an employee's demands are not met, and they quit, or are terminated, they can post a review. Yes, you want to respond however, be careful. The employee is looking for a reaction. How you react could go against you with an Unemployment Claim, the Labor Board, or even worse, a lawsuit. State the facts in the response and be professional. 

It is how we react and respond to the situation that counts.  Use the negative reviews as a learning tool. How can we improve, what could we have done differently, and how are we going to change going forward? Just remember we are all human and we make mistakes. No one person or company is perfect.

Christina, President

Why Cheaper Is Not Always Better?

Why Cheaper Is Not Always Better?

Do you ever see the ads on Facebook or Next Door "Will pressure wash any size home for $99"?  I see these ads every spring & summer. 

$99 sounds great until something goes wrong. I would say most, not all low-cost ads you see are posted by businesses are not licensed, bonded, or insured.

Maybe it is not a business at all, it could just be an individual trying to make extra money. Don't get me wrong we all want to help our neighbor, however at the same time we need to protect ourselves. 

Making sure that anyone that does work at your home is properly insured should be very important to any homeowner. As a homeowner if anyone gets hurts or damages your property you are responsible. 

What if the technician falls off a ladder?  What if water gets in your outside outlet and shorts out the electrical system in your house or even worse a fire gets started? If the company is not properly insured, you as the homeowner will be liable.

The technician could even file your homeowner's insurance for a medical claim if he was to get hurt on your property. Let's be honest there are some people in this world, just waiting for this to happen or even planning it. A person that is standing in the grassDescription automatically generated

I am writing this from one homeowner to another as I had this happen to me.

Do your research, verify insurance, and read reviews.  Any company with all 5 stars and no bad reviews beware. No business is going to make everyone 100% happy. We will save that topic for another blog. 

Thank you for reading.

Christina Burgin
President of Squeegee Pros, Inc

10 Things To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

1. Wash your windows inside and out, take down storm windows if you have them and wash and install window screens and window coverings.

2. Clean, repair, or replace outdoor furniture as well as clean and condition your outdoor grill.

3. Pressure wash your driveway, sidewalk, patio, dock, and pool area.

4. Change your landscape lighting time a couple hours later for start time.

5. Inspect your roof for missing or damaged shingles, evidence of leaks, cracks in seals or flashing that may have shifted. If black streaks, or algae buildup - consider a roof wash.

6. Annual check up for your HVAC system.

7. Check woodwork/trim on exterior of house for proper caulking and paint.

8. Clean your gutters and downspouts and check. Consider installing gutter guards to prevent debris from from flowing into the downspouts and clogging them.

9. Check steps, porches and decks for cracks, popped nails, and rotting boards. Consider painting concrete steps with concrete paint to protect the the surface and spruce them up; repair cracks.

10. Carefully check the foundation and seal any cracks. Even small cracks need repairing to prevent leaks and to keep from enlarging.

Need an Instant Home Make-Over? Go to Squeegee Pros. We service Charlotte and Lake Norman, NC.

Bad Habits That Cost Homeowners In The Long Run: Inadvertently Clogging Pipes

Every homeowner makes mistakes. The real trouble however starts when these blunders become habits that cost a lot of money over time. Some behaviors also create safety issues. If you are guilty of this bad habit, break it - today!

Inadvertently Clogging Pipes

Be mindful of what you're putting down your drains. Don't flush anything down your toilet besides toilet paper, especially heavier materials like paper towels, diapers or cotton swabs, and paint, oil or harsh chemicals. Even flushable wipes are not recommended.

If you notice warning signs of clogging,  - a gurgling when you use the toilet, for instance, or low water pressure - call a plumber ASAP.

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7 Easy Useful Tips For Preparing Your Home For Fall

That's right folks! Fall is around the corner. Wait, did I hear a sigh? Yes, I know everyone loves summer. But what is there not to love about fall? The leaves changing are absolutely breathtaking. And who doesn't love hoodie and bonfire season? I know I do! But preparing my home for fall is not something that I care for. But I know in the long run it will save me tons of money!

So, below you will find 7 easy and useful steps for preparing your home for that cooler weather.

You want to fertilize your lawn.

A close up of some grassDescription automatically generated
According to the experts fertilizing your lawn in the fall with help make it that wonderful green everyone love to see in the spring. Covering your lawn with fertilizer will the new growth of the both the grass blades and roots. This will make your thick and healthy again before those freezing temperatures set in.  

Get your HVAC serviced.

Your AC has been working faithfully all summer long. Now its time to give it a much-needed rest. Before tucking it in for the winter, be sure you clean the coils. It is best to cover it if you are not using it to keep it out of harm's way from debris and ice. Then you are going to want to move indoors to your thermostat. Here we will change it from AC to heat. Make sure you change the air return filter as well. You should also make sure all your indoor vents are uncovered. (You may smell a burning smell. But no worries. That is just the heater warming up from a long summer off). 

A close up of a buildingDescription automatically generatedClean your gutters (we got you covered).

Clogged gutters will channel water down the side of your home where it eventually damages the foundation and can flood your basement. So, get a ladder and pull debris out of the gutters by hand. If you have a one-story house, you can use this leaf-blower attachment to blast the stuff. Still too much work? Hire Squeegee Pros to get those gutters cleaned ----it's totally worth it. (You can also inquire about ProGuard, our patented gutter guard protection product that comes worth a lifetime guarantee!.)

Drain and store your lawn equipment.

Over time, unused fuel goes through a chemical change that create deposits and will destroy your lawn equipment. So after that last mow of the season, drain the tanks of your lawn mower, leaf blower, and weed eater before storing them. Fall is also an excellent time to get your lawn mower blade sharpened so it will be ready for that first cut of the spring! 

Turn off and drain outdoor faucets and sprinklers.
Outdoor hoses and pipes will burst if they're full of water when the temperatures plunge below freezing. While replacing a garden hose isn't that difficult, it's incredibly expensive to dig up your lawn's sprinkler system to deal with burst pipes. So, disconnect your outdoor hoses and turn off the outdoor water supply. Open outdoor faucets and run your sprinkler system to drain any remaining water.

Inspect and clean your chimney.

Lighting and smelling the first fire of the season is also one of my favorite things about this time of the year. Nothing is charming about filling your home with soot, smoke, and carbon monoxide because your chimney isn't working correctly. Even gas fireplaces need an inspection to ensure the pipe is free of cracks that can allow smoke to enter your home. This job is best left to pros. The cost runs around $100-200 but in the end will save you thousands of $$.

Get your ice melt and snow blowers ready!

By the time winter arrives, it's often too late to find snow gear. Stock up on such things in autumn when they're plentiful and lower-priced. Even if you think you've got enough left from last year, or that your snow blower or shovel are in good shape, take a few moments to check. You don't want to get caught out in the cold finding out you're wrong.

Don't forget! National Pressure Washing day is August 23!
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What Every Car Owner Should Know

Making sure your vehicle is maintained is just like making sure you have fuel to get to where you are going. 

You should check your oil every 30 days. You always check your engine oil while the vehicle is cold. You should change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. It depends on the make and model of your vehicle. You should refer to your owner's manual for the mileage recommendation.

Next, you want to make sure your tire pressure is correct. This will save wear and tear on your vehicle and help with your fuel mileage. Most new cars have a tire pressure monitoring light, do not disregard this. Every vehicle's tire pressure is different, and it also changes with the temperature.

The last thing you should monitor is your transmission fluid.  Most vehicles must be checked while the car or truck is running. The fluid must be hot. Most owner's manuals call for this fluid to be changed at 100,000. Some vehicles with a CVT transmission you cannot check yourself as your vehicle must be checked at the dealer or repair shop.

At Squeegee Pros, we check our trucks once a week. We want to make sure our trucks are safe for our employees and that we can arrive to your appointment on time. Safety and customer service are two things we pride ourselves in at Squeegee Pros, Inc. We want to provide the best window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing possible to each customer and regular truck checks is one step that allows us to do that. 

Dryer Lint and Fire Risk

Letting dryer lint build up is NOT a good idea.

If you are guilty of this bad habit, break it today.

There are approximately 2,900 clothes dryer fires a year and they cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and 35 million in property loss per year according to U.S. Fire Administration.

Letting lint build up can also increase energy bills because the dryer has to work harder with each spin cycle. Clean your dryer's lint trap before each run and clean the exhaust every 90 days. You can do these tasks relatively easily with a vacuum, but if your vent is clogged, it might be worth calling a dryer vent exhaust technician to clean it for about $125 to $175, according to Angie's List.

Here at Squeegee Pros, we offer full-service window cleaning, gutter cleaning and house washing for all of Lake Norman and surrounding areas. Visit our website www.SqueegeePros.com for a free quote with no obligation.

There's More To A Gutter System Than You May Think

Leave your clogged gutter problems to us!

Gutters are not only a part of the investment that you have made on your home, but they also provide an important function for you and your family. Most homeowners don't put too much thought into their gutters before they start experiencing issues. But it is important to know that regular gutter cleaning can prevent many frustrating and destructive issues to the structure of your house. Because of this, homeowners should make it a priority to take care of and clean out their gutters.

Failing to keep gutters clean may put the important parts of your home in serious jeopardy, such as:

Wood Damage
Leaves and other debris can pile up in your gutters and collect moisture against the fascia board, the wooden foundations of the gutters that line the edges of the roof. Essentially, the debris pulls moisture up from various parts of the gutters to work through the fascia board and even to the outer edges of your roof where the moisture can severely damage the wood around your house. Furthermore, the water pooled by this debris can attract mosquitoes and termites that can cause a home to become a significantly less pleasant place to live.

Structural Damage
Clogged gutters are a major factor in instances of basement flooding. As water  on the roof gathers around the infrastructure of the gutters and eventually spills over, it will quickly leak into and pool in your basement. If this continues it will weaken the foundations of the house and cause the structure to weaken and crack. The same can happen to your walkways and driveway.

Roof Damage
With regard to your home's roof, shingle damage can occur due to negligence of proper gutter cleaning. When leaves are left and become piled too deeply in your gutters, water can cause damage to your roof and shingles by getting into the roof sheathing causing it to rot, even possibly causing rotting of the roof's rafters.

Gutter cleaning can be one of the most important parts of the maintenance regiment for your house. All homeowners should be sure to give their gutters all the care and attention that they can, to ensure the preservation of their investment.

Here at Squeegee Pros, we offer full-service gutter cleaning and gutter guard instillation for all of Lake Norman and surrounding areas. Visit our website www.SqueegeePros.com for a free quote with no obligation.


Top 10 Tips on Doing a Final Clean Before Moving Home

If you're moving home, there are many reasons why you should leave your old place in sparkling condition. Here are 10 top tips for a thorough final house cleaning.

1. Start your home cleaning after your furniture has been dismantled and the moving boxes have been packed. It's easier to clean uncluttered spaces plus you'll be less likely to trip over things. It is also very time consuming and strenuous having to lift up heavy couches and bed frames so that you can clean under them.

2. We always recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to do your final clean. The reason for this is it needs to be really thorough as this is not just a regular weekly clean. Experienced cleaners know where dirt and grime builds up and which areas to focus on. They also have the right products and equipment for every room. If you were renting the property, having professional cleaners do the final clean will mean there is a far greater chance of receiving your rental bond back from the real estate agent.

3. Having made the previous point about hiring a cleaning company, should you want to go it alone, ensure you have the following essential cleaning supplies before starting:

• Duster
• Broom, dustpan and brush
• Vacuum cleaner
• Glass cleaner 
• White vinegar
• Bicarb soda
• Disinfectant
• Oven cleaner
• Cleaning cloths and rags
• Mop
• Bucket
• Sponges and scouring pads
• Rubber gloves 

3. Remove any hooks, nails, etc. from walls and doors. Patch up any holes and paint them.

4. Dust every room. Pay attention to:

• Corners 
• Built in shelves and wall units
• Skirting boards
• Window frames and sills
• Door frames
• Blinds
• Light fittings
• Vents 

5. Tackle one room at a time. Vacuum each room. Mop any non-carpeted floors. The kitchen and bathroom will probably require the most work.

6. In the kitchen:

• Clean inside cupboards. Get rid of stains, grease spots and crumbs. 
• Clean inside the oven. Use heavy duty products to get rid of built-up grease and grime. The inside of the oven is usually checked during inspections, so get it looking good.
• If possible, move white goods and clean areas that are usually hidden. This will save you time on the day of moving house.
• Give dishwasher filters and extraction fans a good wash.

7. In the bathroom:

• Scrub every area.
• Use a specialised cleaner for mouldy sealant in baths and showers and leave it on overnight.
• Remove debris from drains.
• Immerse the shower head in white vinegar to eliminate limescale.
• Deep clean the toilet. 

8. Clean the windows inside and out with newspaper and glass cleaner or call a company like SqueegeePros.com.

9. Prepare a fun playlist or podcast to keep you company while you clean. This will lighten your mood - you might even forget that you're cleaning!

10. Finally, if your removalists have not moved all your furniture yet, ensure you let them know that the final clean has taken place. If possible they can clean their boots to keep the floors clean and ensure they don't scrape or mark any walls or door frames when moving all the furniture out.

This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a Sydney Australia removalist company.