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Causes of Algae and What To Do About It

Here at Squeegee Pros we have the knowledge to keep your home safe from algae and how to get the stubborn stuff off of your home. Algae can make your home look terrible but it could also harm your home in some cases.

Algae on building walls: Algae is often confused with mold . A common condition that is found on many types of building siding: green (or brown or black) algae growth. Algae is found on siding that is shaded and stays damp.

Is this your home?

While algae stains on exterior walls are principally a cosmetic concern and can be cleaned using scrubbing, mild soaps, or more aggressive TSP-substitute cleaners or detergents, there may remain a hidden problem: any building wall that stays damp and shaded may be at higher risk for hidden insect or rot damage.

If there is an accessible crawl space or basement below a wall, that's a good place to look for signs of building leaks, rot, or insect damage.

Here at Squeegee Pros, we believe these black specs may be a fungal growth. Artillery fungus can produce black specs on a building wall, trim, or other outdoor surfaces. Similar black specs may be found on exterior siding where the attachment points of vines have adhered to the surface.

Squeegee Pros is one of the leading pressure washing company's in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas. I just thought it would be good to give you a little information about algae and the harm it could be causing your home. So don't hesitate to call one of our pressure washing 'pros' to get Algae off your home today.
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Barry, President of Squeegee Pros