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Lake Norman & Charlotte's Best Certified Custom Christmas Lighting Installers.  Completely Licensed,  Insured, Bonded Professionals To Safely Install Christmas & Holiday Lighting.

Tired of Dealing with Tangled Holiday Lights and Wires That Don't Work Half the Time?
Do You Put Off Climbing Scary Ladders or Worry About Roof-Top Close Calls? 

You don't have to anymore...

Announcing Charlotte & Lake Norman's Residential & Commercial Holiday Lighting & Decor Pros

You've come to the right place if looking for a Christmas or Holiday light installation professional. Following is what to expect from your experience with Squeegee Pros' World Class Holiday Lighting Division.

Let us turn your home or commercial property into a holiday wonderland this holiday season.

Why Choose Us?

  1. 100% Perfect Job Guarantee

  2. $100 Off October Installs

  3. Multi-Year Service Discounts

  4. Workmanship Guarantees

  5. In Business Since 1996

  6. Rated #1 - Angie's List "A" Ratings Nationwide: 1,000+

  7. We Aim For World Class Service

Here's What's Important For You To Know...

Certified Safety Installers

Our service experts are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable lighting and decor installers who perform the installation and removal of holiday lighting on your home or commercial property. We can handle any size commercial or residential job including arial lift work. Our Christmas and Holiday light installers receive extensive skill-sets and annual industry updates.

Free Service Calls

Unlike most, we guarantee to be at your home within 72 hours to address any concerns for the duration the decorations are on your home or commercial property. Meaning we provide you with continued maintenance throughout the holiday season. If you should ever discover that lights have burned out or are not working properly, give us a call. We'll happily come out to replace lights or make adjustments. Maintenance service is included with each program at no additional charge.

Take Down, Storage Included

Just because the holiday season comes to an end, doesn't mean our service does! After the holiday and at your convenience we carefully take down the decorations, properly pack them away for you, and store them in our climate controlled warehouse. This will leave your home or commercial property clutter free. We only want you to do one thing during the process: relax.

Commercial Grade Products

Only exterior commercial grade electrical materials are used that will ensure a safe, beautiful, and reliable display. UL rated extension cords, adapters, and dual battery backup timers. Costly electricians are not needed.


Award Winning Design

Starts with a prompt, courteous, professional initial visit offering a free estimate and design and decor consultation. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and can provide additional ideas. We will give you an exact price of what it will cost to decorate your home or commercial property.

Guaranteed On-Time Service

Our Installation team will arrive on time, ready to work and will complete your holiday project without interruption until finished. Depending on the size of the project, installation could run into a couple days.

Detailed Written Drawing

A detailed drawing labeling all aspects of your design will be created for your home or business.

Amazing Unique Products

An array of high quality decorative products including Warm White LED Lights, Pre-Lit Decorated Wreaths and Garland, and Unique Outdoor D├ęcor are available.


Year Around Service

Our staff is available 12 months out of the year for any of your Holiday Lighting needs.


1. Our LED Lights have a 100,000 Hour Life Span & Reduce Energy Consumption by 90%.
2. They Produce Almost No Heat, making them Safe & Energy Efficient
3. Commercial Properties: Our Service Experts will transform your shopping center, strip mall, city block, hotel, or other commercial facility into a warm, festive and welcoming holiday atmosphere. We will be happy to provide you with a W-9 as well as any insurance certificates that you may require.
4. Residential Neighborhood Block Discounts Apply! 3 or more homes to qualify. Call (704) 799-0313 option 1 for details.
5. October Install Schedule Dates qualify for a $100 OFF early bird discount (we return at your request to turn the lights on).
6. Minimum install price is $750.00.

Commercial Christmas Lights & Displays

It has been proven over the years that businesses that are decked out in professionally installed, attractive holiday lighting and displays receive back a huge return on their investment.
Here are some great reasons to light up and decorate your business location:
  • Greatly encourages customers' holiday shopping mood
  • Makes you stand out from competition
  • Substantial increase in foot traffic
  • Lifts the spirits of employees, which creates a better shopping environment
Put your customers and employees in a more festive mood. Let us help you make this the most enjoyable holiday season it can be. We offer a large variety of options for business looking to accentuate their property with spectacular festive decor. For exterior lighting we offer roof line, windows, large facades, trees, shrubs, entrances and more.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional Holiday Lighting Service

Making your home look great for the holiday season can take a lot of effort. While many people have the time and opportunity to take care of this all by themselves, many people are relying on the service of professional holiday light installation services. The reasons for this vary but for most people they simply want to be able to spend their free time doing something else. It is with good reason, proper Christmas light setup requires researching the best lights, finding the best deals, doing all the leg work to purchase the lights and accessories and that's only half the work they still need to actually get up on a ladder and do the installation. Here's three reasons why homeowners are depending on service providers to take care of this work for them:

1. Spend Your Time Doing Something Else

The most obvious reason to hire a professional to do the work for you is that you can then spend your time doing something else. Whether that means you spend your time with your family, doing a hobby you love, or simply working more you still get to do what you want and have your home look fabulous for the holiday season. For some who have incredibly busy schedules, hiring a certified pro is the only way they can manage to get their home festive.

Not only will a good company provide the installation service but also on-going maintenance. Lights can fail from time to time, due to weather for instance. Having a company you can call to come and repair the issue can keep your home looking great.

When you hire a professional for your holiday light setup you offload all the stress and worry so you can do what you need to do with time you would otherwise be investing in making your home festive.

2. Procrastination

It's common for DIY homeowners to get caught in a vicious "waste your time" cycle of researching and researching before committing to making a single purchase. 

Hiring a professional holiday lighting service makes certain that the job actually does get completed without the headache of researching the entire project before-hand.

3. Stay Out Of the Hospital

Another big reason to hire out your Christmas light installation is to avoid the potential risks that go along with working at heights. It's no secret that as professional window cleaners we spend a lot of time high up on ladders. We are incredibly experienced with ladder work, scissor lifts, and accessing anywhere that we must go. Working at heights is incredibly dangerous, with very real risks of life changing injuries.

When you hire Squeegee Pros to take on this kind of work, prevent the hospital emergency room stay. Hire the Pros and make your home looks fabulous.

FAQ'S: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service process work?

Our service experts create a lighting design, safely and efficiently install the lighting, maintain them, remove them at the end of the season, and store them in our climate controlled facility until the next year. 

How much does it cost to install the lights?

At Squeegee Pros you are paying for reliable white-glove World Class Service. Every project is different, depending on the size of the house or commercial property. Every design is unique and custom fitted to your home and all our estimates are provided free with no-obligation. You will not be shocked by the price, but you do get what you pay for. Our prices start at $750 for any job.

Do you accept credit cards, cash or check?

Yes, we accept all of the above including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment is made up-front at installation.

Where are your service areas?

We service Lake Norman and the Charlotte surrounding area.

I have my own lights, can you install them for me?

No, we only use and install our own sourced commercial quality lights for safety reasons and the uniqueness of our designs. However, if you have a special request you wish to incorporate in your design plan, please let us know.

Do I own the lights you install?

The advantage of hiring Squeegee Pros for your holiday decorating needs is we supply the lights which means you are protected by our "Perfect Until The Day Before Christmas Eve Guarantee". We inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights they are normally lower quality, and do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We cannot warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.

Can I store the lights?

No, Squeegee Pros maintains and safely stores all materials offsite to ensure materials are always in pristine condition.

When does your install season begin?

We install lights year around for any holiday or event. We begin installing lights as early as October 1 for the Christmas season, but we won't power them up until you say so. We return to plug them in at your discretion. We get extra super busy for the Christmas season, so please plan ahead. We install right up until a few days before Christmas! 

How long do I have to wait to get my estimate and lights installed?

It all depends on how busy we are. Christmas comes quick. The earlier in the season you call, the faster we can usually get you an estimate and schedule the install. In most cases, it is up to 1 week to get you a detailed estimate.

How long does it take to actually install the holiday lights?

Actual install duration is normally one to two days.

When do you take the holiday lights down?

We begin taking down Christmas lights the during the month of January.

Fine Print: We reserve the right to begin the Christmas holiday light take-down at company's convenience (our busiest holiday lighting season). Take-down occurs prior to January 21st in most cases.
Any holiday install and take down must be paid in full prior to install. Safety of our Service Experts is paramount and may prohibit installation on certain areas of your home or building.

Are we perfect? No, but we really try hard. And we have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials. Here's what a few had to say...


Will Saake

"This company put up Christmas lights for me. The work looks very professional. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for Christmas lights to be installed on their home."

They just finished my Christmas lights and Greg ran the crew and was very meticulous and great. 


Reviewed by Kenton C. Crabb on Facebook

My husband and I decided to splurge this year and hire a contractor to install our exterior Christmas lights. After searching the internet, we were directed to Squeegee Pros, Inc as our neighborhood contractor. They were very professional, considerate and responsive. We couldn't be happier with our light installation and would recommend them to anyone who wants to take a break from untangling lights, climbing ladders etc. and have a professional contractor take care of this daunting task. They have made our holiday!! Thank you Heather and the Squeegee Pro crew!
- Lisa  S.
Our Christmas wreaths look amazing. Brian worked hard to make the installation perfect.
- Jeanie C.
So excited to learn about this service and have my Christmas lights installed. Tim and Gary were punctual, responsible, and attentive to my questions. If you are tired of climbing ladders to hang your Squeegee Pro!
- Tonia S.
We hired them to hang Christmas Lights. The three gentlemen were so professional and extremely great to work with. The yard looks incredible!!!
- Valorie G.

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Squeegee Pros FAQs

How Do You Clean Windows?

How to Clean Windows:

Every glass window needs cleaning to look good. This is not as easy a task as you may think. Following a few small steps, cleaning windows can be done without much effort and time.

1. The first thing to do when deciding to clean windows is to choose the time of day when visibility is best. Professional window cleaners typically choose early morning, or later in the afternoon when the sun is not directly on the glass you will be cleaning.  The sun will dry the glass fast and will most likely leave streaks. To avoid this risk, it is better to choose a cloudy day so that the sun cannot dry the cleaning agent.

2. Before you start cleaning the windows, it is necessary to clean the windows and openings first. A tip is to pass a brush with wide bristles between the cracks in the window to eliminate dust.

3. Divide into parts and start from top to bottom.

4. There are many specific products for window cleaning, but if you want to wash your windows like a pro, you will need a squeegee, and a mixture of dish soap and water.

5. Use a scrubbing cloth or window mop to get the soapy water all over the glass; scrub harder on the dirty spots. Now use the squeegee to gently pull all the soapy water off the glass.

This should leave the windows spot-free and looking great!

What is the best way to clean windows streak free?

It is a common desire to get your widows spotless.

Is it even possible to achieve this feat? Yes, it is possible to clean windows streak-free if you follow basic steps or with the help of professional window cleaners in your city. The prime tip for a clean window is avoiding using towels, rags, or paper towel glass cleaners. The reason is that these "cleaners" will simply move dirt around your glass and will show when the sun shines through your windows.

Using a spot-free water rinse, or a squeegee will give you the best odds for perfect results.  Spot-free window cleaning utilizes water that has had all the contaminates removed.  Scrubbing the glass, and then rinsing it off will remove any spots or smears and leave it sparkling.  Finally, rinse with pure water further to remove the remaining streaks.

This great information was provided to us from Travis with Professional Window Cleaning in Denver.

What is the Best Window Cleaning Solution?

When it comes to homemade window cleaning solutions, you can't beat ordinary household vinegar. It has an antibacterial, germ-killing acidity which works wonders on just about any surface, including windows. And it's all-natural and non-toxic, so it's perfectly safe to keep around the house.

For the best results, you'll need to create a mixture of white vinegar and warm water, then apply it to the window with a sponge. The amount of dirt that has accumulated on your windows will determine how strong your vinegar solution needs to be. On average, a 50-50 split should be fine, but if the window in question is particularly dirty, you could even try straight vinegar.

A frequent problem with homemade window cleaning solutions is the streaks they leave behind on the glass. With vinegar, that's not a problem. The great thing about vinegar is that it's cheap and easy to come by, while its effectiveness has been celebrated by home-care gurus the world over.

Professional window cleaners typically use a simple dish detergent such as Dawn liquid as their best window cleaning solution.  The key to this is the commercial squeegee that pulls off all the dirt from the glass and leaves it perfectly clean.

How Do You Clean High Windows?

When it comes to cleaning high windows, there are a few different approaches you can take. It all depends on just how high they are. If it's several stories up, for example, then you're going to need to invest in a ladder. But make sure you are taking all the relevant safety precautions when you set up, such as checking that its "feet" are completely flat against the ground. Uneven ground could throw you off balance and puts you at greater risk of an accident. It might even be worth shopping around for a ladder with non-slip feet. Also, you will need to check that the ground is firm- you don't want to run the risk of your ladder sinking in the mud.

Alternatively, if you don't have a head for heights, your best bet might be to use an extendable window cleaning pole that will allow you to reach upstairs windows without leaving ground. This is certainly a safer option, but of course it won't allow you to reach those really high spots.

Special thanks to Nick at Century Pyramid Building Maintenance for this information

Where do I Find the Best Commercial Window Cleaners?

Are you looking for exceptional commercial window cleaning services? We have got you covered.

Windows allow natural light into your commercial spaces for a pleasant and productive work environment. However, dust and dirt can discolor the windows, leading to an unpleasant look. Contact from hands can also leave behind unpleasant smudges on the windows. Luckily, our business is here to solve all your window cleaning problems. We offer commercial window cleaning services for Charlotte ,NC & Lake Norman, NC.
We can handle any job size!

Call us and see why we are North Carolina's highest rated professional window cleaning service!

What is the Best Way to Wash Windows?

Are you wondering what is the best way to wash windows?

The answer is somewhat comical, but serious: let someone else do it!

Whether you're a commercial business or residential home owner, cleaning windows is not only a hassle but a liability at that. Even if you go through the effort of finding ladders, cleaning solution, and other supplies, your windows will go right back to grimy and dirty in a flash.

The best way to wash windows is to hire an experienced professional window cleaning company who has the right equipment, experience, and expertise. This will eliminate any chance of damage to you or your home or business. The specialized tools and solutions used by window washing professionals mean that your windows will stay clearer, longer.

Skylights, hard-to-reach areas, and decorative glass are best handled by experienced pros. Your neighbors and customers will be amazed at the difference. Don't risk your health by climbing up a ladder and taking things into your own hands.

Window services are easily affordable and a great way to take a load off your shoulders--literally!

Poorman Window Cleaning  in Boise, Idaho  provided us this snippet of information.