ATTENTION Concerned Homeowner: Stop putting up with clogged, overflowing gutters once and for all.

Never Ever Clean Your Gutters Again For Only $10.99 ft. (regularly $12.99 ft).
Includes a FREE Gutter Cleaning!

But You Better Hurry , Because This Offer Ends Immediately on the last day of this month.

        ProGuard Maintains Entire Opening of Gutter to Take In Water Including Those Heavy Rains.
Nothing Can Clog ProGuard Since Leaves, Pine Needles,
And Debris Blow Away In The Wind. Install It Once & Be Done!

Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee! 

(call office for details)
  • All Weather Four Season Protection
  • Saves Your Landscape From Hard Rains
  • Pressure Fitted vs Nail, Screw & Roof Damage
  • Virtually Invisible From The Ground 
  • And a Free Gutter Clean, Flush & Haul Off

So take action right now and enter your information below to claim your free sample. Our estimator will stop by within 72 hours and leave the estimate and sample at your door. This $10.99 ft offer ends the last day of this month. 

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Not sure about a gutter protection system and want to schedule a Gutter Cleaning Instead?  CLICK HERE.

My overall experience was positive. The company was responsive and I appreciated the results. Overall, I'm happy with the work performed.  
- Orlanzo, CHARLOTTE

The work looks great, and after they were complete they walked me around the house to confirm it was to my level of satisfaction.  Very pleased.


The crew was great - our gutters were tricky and they did a terrific job getting to every one of them.
- William, LAKE NORMAN

In business over 25 years, Squeegee Pros, Inc. absolutely guarantees 100% satisfaction of our ProGuard product. 

Why is ProGuard better than one piece shielded hard covers, flat mesh covers, fill-ins, foam inserts, all in one systems, etc? 

We have been cleaning gutters for many years and here is what we have found:

> Shielded Hard Covers: Normally made of a plastic composite, they warp, fade, and separate over time. Not all water, especially heavy rains, can make it inside the opening on the edge of the gutter, so water ultimately goes over the side and on to your landscape. In addition, they allow bird nests, wasp nests and pine needles inside the opening. This is not how a gutter protection system should work. We are frequently hired to clean such poorly designed systems.

    > Wire Mesh Covers: The holes are too big, period! They allow debris of all kinds to get inside. They also come apart more easily. As a result, our company regularly cleans these as if they had no protection at all.

    > Fill-In & Foam Inserts: Material eventually disintegrates. Heavy debris, ice, snow, branches, etc. will push the product down into gutter, giving a matted look and leaving debris trapped on top with no place to go.  

   > All In One Systems: Very expensive, yet still operate like the 'shielded' guard system as described above.

    > Flat Screen vs Wave Technology Screening: Flat screens cannot 'catch' all the water as it washes over the screened surface, and ultimately goes over the edge and on to your landscape. ProGuard Z-Bend wave technology catches the water and forces the water 
through the product and into your gutter faster.

Call us! 704-799-0313 or fill out the easy Quick Estimate Form above. 

* Restocking Fee: Unless the product is defective , Squeegee Pros reserves the right to charge  a restocking fee of up to 15% of the purchase price paid, plus any applicable sales tax. This includes product ordered and not installed, product installed and then removed.
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