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Are You a Property Manager?

Are you looking for the right company to partner up with to handle window cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning for you?

Your first question is probably, "What separates us from other companies?" That's easy...
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Experience
  • Quality of work
  • 20 years in business

Your second question then would be, "What types of buildings do you service?"

  • Shopping Centers
  • Chain Stores
  • Office Complexes
  • Industrial Parks
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Townhomes
  • Airports
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business and Commerce
  • College and Universities
  • Commercial real estate
  • Convention, Entertainment, and Sports Complexes
  • Country Clubs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Government
  • Hospitals
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Places of Worship
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Schools K-12 and day care

From window cleaning, to pressure washing, to gutters, there are many benefits to maintaining the buildings you manage. Let's take a look at some of them here.

Window Cleaning

You know the importance of appearances. Nowhere is that more true than on the buildings you manage. We are super-skilled in window cleaning and only use the latest and best tools of our trade. No matter the size and complexity of your structure, Squeegee Pros can handle it.

We offer flexible window cleaning contracts for property managers throughout North Carolina and surrounding states that include:
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annual
  • We also offer "emergency" & "on call" scheduling with our window cleaning contracts.

Pressure Washing

You know the importance of clean sidewalks, breezeways, loading docks, dumpster pads, and buildings. We are super-skilled in pressure washing using a fleet of mobile pressure washing units and trailered tank units and of course only use the latest and best tools of our trade. No matter the size and complexity of the job scope you have in mind, Squeegee Pros can handle it.

We also offer flexible pressure washing contracts for property managers throughout North Carolina and surrounding states that include:
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annual
  • We also offer "emergency" & "on call" scheduling with our pressure washing contracts.

Gutter Cleaning

Property management and maintenance teams seem to fall short on their cleaning efforts to maintain gutters and drains throughout the season. Fall and spring are the times of year that property managers should think about cleaning gutters.

Any building where gutters are part of the structure should clean gutters at least two times per year, and up to four times during high foliage seasons where trees are abundant.

Prevent Expensive Property Damage
A building's gutter that doesn't drain right can cause damage that can run into the thousands of dollars. The initial benefit of gutters is so that rain water doesn't wash out the earth along your building. Improper drainage can cause foundation damage as well. And clogged gutters can be a perfect nesting environment for wildlife like birds, squirrels, and bats that can ultimately damage the side of a building and guttering.

Overflowing gutters are a leading cause of water seepage into the interior of a building. Improper maintenance during cold weather can be especially damaging. The harsh winter climate can cause tremendous damage to your gutter system and property. When debris builds up in your gutter system, water cannot be quickly redirected or drained out. Upon freezing, additional precipitation can overflow and create snow buildup or ice dams that can damage the roof and gutter system. Traditional gutter hangers are not designed to support the weight of a solid frozen gutter. Gutters will become loose and cause damage to wood trim and fascia.

How is your property balancing gutter maintenance? Is it part of your regularly or seasonally scheduled property maintenance routines?

Squeegee Pros is skilled in gutter cleaning whether it is cleaning and flushing the inside or polishing the outside to remove black streaks and mold. No matter the size and complexity of the job scope you have in mind, we can handle it.
We also offer flexible gutter cleaning contracts for property managers throughout North Carolina and surrounding states that include:
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annual
  • We also offer "emergency" & "on call" scheduling with our pressure washing contracts.

What About Property Preservation?
You've likely invested a lot of time and money into your properties. You don't want to see them decline due to neglect, which is one of the main reasons maintenance should be so important to you. Just like keeping up with regular oil changes and tune-ups for your car will ensure it runs better and longer, your building needs regular TLC to ensure it gives you a long lifespan of service.

Property Maintenance & Curb Appeal
Especially in buildings where customers visit a store front or entry way, your building needs to look like it's being cared for. Just think about it: would you feel comfortable venturing into a business with grimy windows, overgrown shrubs out front, and stained roofing? Probably not. Now, think about a well-kept business with sparkling windows, a clean fa├žade, a manicured landscape, and chances are you would feel very comfortable visiting that business. Building maintenance signals that someone cares, that the business is thriving, and that customers are welcome. A poorly managed property signals neglect and will turn your visitors away.

Save Money on Repairs
By staying up to date on the services we are talking about and other aspects of property management, you will help avoid those costly repairs that can occur due to neglect. Clogged gutters can lead to water flow backup, flooding and basement damage. Gutters that aren't maintained year to year can become rusty, pull away from the structure, and pose a safety threat to passersby. The money you'll spend to make these structural changes will be far more than if you just kept up with regular maintenance in the first place.

Increase Property Value
The bottom line is, a well-maintained property has more inherent value. Whether you're looking to sell your property in the near future or not, you can increase the value of the building just by cleaning the windows, pressure washing the roof and walkways, and cleaning out the gutters. In fact, House Logic says poorly maintained landscaping can deduct between 5 and 10 percent off the value of a property.

As a property manager, you have a responsibility to the short and long-term value of the buildings and surrounding land. Rely on the expertise of Squeegee Pros to offer a variety of affordably priced services for your commercial or residential property, including window cleaning, pressure washing, roof cleaning and gutter cleaning.

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed...Period

Earning your continued trust and confidence in our workmanship and service is the most important task we undertake each and every day. All of us at Squeegee Pros understand that your complete satisfaction is the key to our on-going success.

We guarantee all work performed will be completed as specified in a professional, workman-like manner following standard trade practices, safety guidelines, and federal, state, and local regulations.

Other Notables Include:
  • Our window cleaning technicians are technically competent in all areas of their trade and have years of experience in the field. They are well prepared to deliver a top notch service consistently day in and day out. Our technicians have passed background checks and are drug and alcohol free.
  • Our customer service representatives are available to assist you when you call. Fax and e-mail options are also available should you prefer.
  • We have the technician staffing to handle a large number of assignments in a short period of time.
  • We have significant, proven experience working with property managers and are currently providing all of the mentioned services for a number of managed properties in the area.
  • We will be a committed member of your vendor team working in the background to solve your problems and enhance the image of your business to your clients.
  • We offer your clients outstanding quality and service at a price that represents a great value. We offer a number of invoicing options to meet your requirements.
  • Honesty, Integrity, and Respect are core organizational values. They represent the cornerstone of all our business dealings.

Squeegee Pros FAQs

How Do You Clean Windows?

How to Clean Windows:

Every glass window needs cleaning to look good. This is not as easy a task as you may think. Following a few small steps, cleaning windows can be done without much effort and time.

1. The first thing to do when deciding to clean windows is to choose the time of day when visibility is best. Professional window cleaners typically choose early morning, or later in the afternoon when the sun is not directly on the glass you will be cleaning.  The sun will dry the glass fast and will most likely leave streaks. To avoid this risk, it is better to choose a cloudy day so that the sun cannot dry the cleaning agent.

2. Before you start cleaning the windows, it is necessary to clean the windows and openings first. A tip is to pass a brush with wide bristles between the cracks in the window to eliminate dust.

3. Divide into parts and start from top to bottom.

4. There are many specific products for window cleaning, but if you want to wash your windows like a pro, you will need a squeegee, and a mixture of dish soap and water.

5. Use a scrubbing cloth or window mop to get the soapy water all over the glass; scrub harder on the dirty spots. Now use the squeegee to gently pull all the soapy water off the glass.

This should leave the windows spot-free and looking great!

What is the best way to clean windows streak free?

It is a common desire to get your widows spotless.

Is it even possible to achieve this feat? Yes, it is possible to clean windows streak-free if you follow basic steps or with the help of professional window cleaners in your city. The prime tip for a clean window is avoiding using towels, rags, or paper towel glass cleaners. The reason is that these "cleaners" will simply move dirt around your glass and will show when the sun shines through your windows.

Using a spot-free water rinse, or a squeegee will give you the best odds for perfect results.  Spot-free window cleaning utilizes water that has had all the contaminates removed.  Scrubbing the glass, and then rinsing it off will remove any spots or smears and leave it sparkling.  Finally, rinse with pure water further to remove the remaining streaks.

This great information was provided to us from Travis with Professional Window Cleaning in Denver.

What is the Best Window Cleaning Solution?

When it comes to homemade window cleaning solutions, you can't beat ordinary household vinegar. It has an antibacterial, germ-killing acidity which works wonders on just about any surface, including windows. And it's all-natural and non-toxic, so it's perfectly safe to keep around the house.

For the best results, you'll need to create a mixture of white vinegar and warm water, then apply it to the window with a sponge. The amount of dirt that has accumulated on your windows will determine how strong your vinegar solution needs to be. On average, a 50-50 split should be fine, but if the window in question is particularly dirty, you could even try straight vinegar.

A frequent problem with homemade window cleaning solutions is the streaks they leave behind on the glass. With vinegar, that's not a problem. The great thing about vinegar is that it's cheap and easy to come by, while its effectiveness has been celebrated by home-care gurus the world over.

Professional window cleaners typically use a simple dish detergent such as Dawn liquid as their best window cleaning solution.  The key to this is the commercial squeegee that pulls off all the dirt from the glass and leaves it perfectly clean.

How Do You Clean High Windows?

When it comes to cleaning high windows, there are a few different approaches you can take. It all depends on just how high they are. If it's several stories up, for example, then you're going to need to invest in a ladder. But make sure you are taking all the relevant safety precautions when you set up, such as checking that its "feet" are completely flat against the ground. Uneven ground could throw you off balance and puts you at greater risk of an accident. It might even be worth shopping around for a ladder with non-slip feet. Also, you will need to check that the ground is firm- you don't want to run the risk of your ladder sinking in the mud.

Alternatively, if you don't have a head for heights, your best bet might be to use an extendable window cleaning pole that will allow you to reach upstairs windows without leaving ground. This is certainly a safer option, but of course it won't allow you to reach those really high spots.

Special thanks to Nick at Century Pyramid Building Maintenance for this information

Where do I Find the Best Commercial Window Cleaners?

Are you looking for exceptional commercial window cleaning services? We have got you covered.

Windows allow natural light into your commercial spaces for a pleasant and productive work environment. However, dust and dirt can discolor the windows, leading to an unpleasant look. Contact from hands can also leave behind unpleasant smudges on the windows. Luckily, our business is here to solve all your window cleaning problems. We offer commercial window cleaning services for Charlotte ,NC & Lake Norman, NC.
We can handle any job size!

Call us and see why we are North Carolina's highest rated professional window cleaning service!

What is the Best Way to Wash Windows?

Are you wondering what is the best way to wash windows?

The answer is somewhat comical, but serious: let someone else do it!

Whether you're a commercial business or residential home owner, cleaning windows is not only a hassle but a liability at that. Even if you go through the effort of finding ladders, cleaning solution, and other supplies, your windows will go right back to grimy and dirty in a flash.

The best way to wash windows is to hire an experienced professional window cleaning company who has the right equipment, experience, and expertise. This will eliminate any chance of damage to you or your home or business. The specialized tools and solutions used by window washing professionals mean that your windows will stay clearer, longer.

Skylights, hard-to-reach areas, and decorative glass are best handled by experienced pros. Your neighbors and customers will be amazed at the difference. Don't risk your health by climbing up a ladder and taking things into your own hands.

Window services are easily affordable and a great way to take a load off your shoulders--literally!

Poorman Window Cleaning  in Boise, Idaho  provided us this snippet of information.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Windows are crucial components in our houses as they allow us to view the outside without getting out of the house. However, when it reaches a point where you cannot separate the windows from the walls, then it's time to ponder window cleaning.

Literally, many people dislike the idea of washing windows. And if your dwelling is two stories or more, cleaning your windows can expose you to risks that can eventually endanger your life. That's why it's essential to have the job handled by professionals.

How much does window cleaning cost? The cost to have  window cleaners come to your home or business is mainly based on the number of panes contained in a glass. A standard double-hung window comprises two panes.

The standard window cleaning cost ranges from $4 to $10 a pane. But, various window cleaning service providers charge per hour. Sometimes, the cleaning company can charge a general fee for cleaning all the windows in the house, including the screens and doors.

The cost of window cleaning is also influenced by other variables such as the number of windows, dirt level, accessibility, etc.

A very filthy glass will demand additional tools and equipment, which will also increase the cleaning time. This will eventually lead to an increase in the final cleaning cost.

A house will more windows will cost more than that will a few windows. So, if yours has more windows, expect to pay more.

If windows are positioned in hard-to-reach places, the cleaning company will be forced to use ladders and other special tools to get the windows clean. This will also take more time to clean than windows positioned at easily accessible positions. Therefore, if yours are positioned in difficult-to-reach places, you can expect to pay more.

Content provided by Clear View Window Cleaning.

How to Wash Exterior Windows

Step 1: Use A Good Window Cleaning Solution

Before starting your window washing, you need an excellent cleaning solution. So, you should use clean water and a dish washing detergent such as Dawn. a 1/8 cup of dish washing liquid in 3 gallons of water will do the job just fine.

Step 2: Bring All The Right Equipment

You will need good quality equipment to wash your windows. T-bars, squeegees, a ladder, buckets, scrapers, distilled water, and microfibers are truly useful. High windows can be washed using water-fed poles.

Step 3: Apply The Right Techniques

First of all, wet your windows. Then, apply the solution. After that, use squeegees to clean the windows. You should use soft brushes to clean the window panels. But, use the scrapers carefully to remove tough layers of grime.

Step 4:  Clean Your Windows Safely

Observing OSHA ladder safety, or using window washing poles in order to keep your feet on the ground will decrease your odds of being injured.

Professional window cleaners can wash your windows flawlessly. They are experienced and trained. So, you can contact them to clean your exterior windows.

How to Wash Windows Without Streaks

After cleaning your windows, streaks may appear on them. Now, this is a common scenario. You may not know - how to have streak-free residential window cleaning.  Here are some tips:

How To Wash Windows Without Streaks

1) Don't Use Paper To Wipe Windows

Newspapers or common clothes are not good for wiping your windows. So, use a professional squeegee or microfiber cloths to wipe your windows. With this method, your windows may not have streaks on them.

2) Rinse Windows With Pure Water

Your home's hard water has many impurities. Minerals in (home) water can leave streaks on your windows. But, pure water has no artificial substances in it. It's pure ,so after drying, it leaves no spots on your glass.

3) Choose A Cloudy Day

A sunny day can evaporate the liquid on your glass quickly. As a result, your windows may have spots on them. Try to choose a cloudy day to do your residential window cleaning task. Thus, you can have great windows without streaks.

Professional window cleaners know many tricks and techniques to wash windows. Therefore, you can contact professionals to have streak-free windows.

Content provided by Pine Country Window Cleaning in Flagstaff, AZ.

Roof Cleaning Services

When a terrible storm just left the area, there is no doubt your roof is now in pretty bad condition. The next thing to do would be to hire companies that provide roof cleaning services. Here are a few reasons why it would be important to hire a roof cleaning company:

Saves Time

When you try and do it yourself, you are going to spend tons of time trying to learn it. Of course, you won't have to deal with that when you avail of roof cleaning services since they have been doing it for a pretty long time. You would rather spend that time learning the roof cleaning process doing something else. After all, it is a lot harder than it looks as there are too many things to learn.

Saves Money

There will be no need to buy additional roofing materials that you won't be using much in the future. When you hire roofers, they are already equipped with the right equipment in order to accomplish the task as short and efficient as possible. It does not mean that they are in a hurry. They just would not want to keep you waiting.

Safety is Important

If you decide to do it yourself then you will need to take a ladder and scale the place in order to reach the roof. If you are afraid of heights then you will find out how scary it is to be right up there. Thus, you will be able to rest easy knowing you don't really need to do that difficult chore.

In conclusion, hiring a company that provides roof cleaning services is the way to go and there is a reason why it is pretty common nowadays. Better read those unbiased reviews about each roof cleaning company that you are looking at in order to arrive with a good decision regarding which one you would hire.

This information was provided to us by Xcellent Xteriors in Florida.

Christmas & Holiday Lighting Services

How Do You Clean Windows With a Waterfed Pole?

 A waterfed pole is connected to a hose that delivers water at high pressure up to 80 feet in the air. The operator attaches a detergent solution so that streaks and grime are easily removed by washing them away with the power of pure H2O alone.

This system is popular for use on historic buildings, as it has less environmental impact than other methods and takes far less time - it can take just moments to reach all those difficult-to-reach places that normal ladders can't access. Windows spend much of their life facing into the sun which damages them over time - when you start with clean windows, you're protecting your investment from damage caused by atmospheric pollutants such as dust, UV rays, and bird droppings!
Thanks to Peter at Glass Act Pro Wash or this information!