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Our Gutter Cleaning Services:

Don't let this happen ------>

Cleaning Gutters is laborious and dirty, no homeowner enjoys this task. We offer gutter cleaning services so you don't have to climb ladders and get your hands dirty. No more asking the neighbor or your husband to clean the gutters and hoping they don't fall. Call us and we'll get it done quickly and efficiently. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from gutter cleaning. Keep yourself and family members safe; have us do the work for you.

Gutters: Cleaning the Inside

It can be nice to relax with a warm drink cozied up while listening to the rain outside. However, it is a completely different experience looking outside only to see rainwater flowing over the edge of the gutter line. Cleaning the gutter system is an unavoidable, time consuming and physically challenging task.

Improperly functioning gutters can lead to a rusted system where replacement becomes inevitable. The primary function of the gutter system is to move moisture and rain away from the home, preventing leaks and flooding to the home's interior. When debris is in the gutter, water gets trapped and freezes in winter, forming ice dams. When the ice dams begin to melt, water gets under the shingles and works its way into the homes ceilings and walls causing water damage and mold.

Research indicates that 87% of all exterior home mold starts in the gutters. Plus, ice dams are heavy and cause harm not only to the homes interior and roof, but also to the gutter system itself. This damage can be greatly reduced by having the gutters cleaned out regularly.

Gutter Before Gutter After

Look at the above before and after picture.

Do you know what's inside your gutters?
Have you had your gutters cleaned in the last 6 months? 
The latest storms have done their job!

A Better Way

As with other maintenance tasks, Squeegee Pros knows that when it comes to cleaning your gutters, timing is everything. Ideally a home's gutter system should be cleaned twice per year, at the beginning of spring and in the fall. Cleaning the gutters in early spring will ensure proper flow, minimizing the risk of rust and weight damage during the rainy season. Having the gutters cleaned in the fall ensures the leaves will still be dry, minimizing the chance for mold build up.

When precipitation occurs the water will flow freely through the gutter and into the downspout ensuring little or no damage to the gutter. Do not wait to have the gutters cleaned only one time per year. Minimal cleaning assures small animals such as squirrels and birds have had time to nest among the debris and leave their droppings in the gutter.

The presence of organic matter and water leads to the formation of mold, contributing to the further clogging of the gutter system. Our technicians hand bag all the gutter debris and check all downspouts to ensure proper water flow.

It's time to fight back with the best gutter cleaning you've ever experienced. Here's how our methods will benefit you...

  • We get on the ladders so you don't have to.
  • Gutters and Downspouts flushed to ensure proper flow.
  • All debris hand bagged and removed off-site.
  • Gutters scheduled twice per year. You don't have to worry, we contact you or feel free to get set up on 'Clean it and Forget It' auto scheduling. Less chance of ice dams and mold.

What if you have Gutter Guards, Gutter Screens, or Foam Inserts in or on your gutter system?

Caution: If our company did not install the gutter or gutter guard system currently in place, you the homeowner needs to be aware that Squeegee Pros is not responsible* for any existing or future damage caused by cleaning out your gutters. Gutter protection systems come in all shapes and sizes and are generally made of sheet metal, plastic, or foam inserts.

These "guards" being exposed to the elements increases the potential of damage even further. For example: plastic and thin sheet metal guards have a tendency to warp and become brittle after prolonged exposure to the sun, wind , and rain.

Foam inserts will only last for so long before they begin to disintegrate. Squeegee Pros won't be resonsible for the aforementioned or for broken clips, prongs, holes, bent pieces of screen or guards, etc. All being common issues with gutter guards that face the elements.

*Please be advised that if we were to remove the gutter system to access and clean, the gutter protection system warranty may be voided.

What is the solution?

Over time we have tried various methods to clean gutters with gutter guard systems in place. We have only come up with one way to clean them without voiding the warranty or affecting the integrity of the gutter system. If you have some type of gutter guard system in place, the five steps below will outline how we clean your gutters.
  1. Clean the top of the 'guards' off - removing any debris that has accumulated.
  2. Clean any debris off the roof valleys - only going up as far as the technician can reach using a pole.
  3. Use a pressure washing wand or hose sprayer (spraying inside the gutter) to push the debris toward and down the downspout until all debris is removed from the gutter and downspout.
  4. If the downspouts have an underground pipeline to channel the water, we will remove the piping from the downspout end to prevent clogging from any gutter debris (we are not responsible for cleaning the underground gutter piping).
  5. Rinse any overspray or debris off the outside of the gutter, fascia, windows, siding, etc.
  6. Bag and remove any debris from the landscape, bottom of the downspouts, roof valleys, and gutter system.

Do we have a gutter cleaning guarantee?

Yes! We are the only company in the region offering a 60 DAY guarantee.  See below...


We guarantee the gutters and downspouts on your home are completely free of debris at the completion of our cleaning. If within 30 days of our cleaning service, water does not drain properly from the top to the bottom of the downspout running the full length of your home due to debris we missed in our original cleaning, we will redo the cleaning at no charge. This is 30 days from your service date.


We will return to fix one trouble spot. An example would be one corner area or one gutter length with a maximum 50 foot length - for a service fee of $79.


Do your gutters just seem to keep getting clogged due to the elements? Try our automatic quarterly gutter cleaning service with a 15% discount of your normal gutter cleaning price. Minimum 1 year agreement, automatically scheduled, with a credit card kept on file. You do not have to be home for service. Our office will notify you prior to each cleaning. Call 704-799-0313.

Need a permanent lifetime solution to your clogged gutter problem?

Call us today for a no-obligation ProGuard Total Gutter Protection estimate.

  • Cost Effective

  • No Clog Guarantee

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Pressure Fitted (no nails, screws, or roof damage)

Go to for more details.

Final Thoughts

We have all been disappointed with poor customer service. This is why we focus on doing things the right way. We combine old style service with the latest in gutter cleaning and polishing technology. You deserve the difference of using our professional services; so spoil yourself. Whether you invite us to perform gutter cleaning and/or polishing only or have us perform multiple services, you will be glad you settled for nothing less than that thorough Squeegee Pros Cleaning! Call us now to see the difference! Questions, see the Gutter Cleaning FAQ's.

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning or Polishing Cost?

The price of gutter cleaning depends on a number of factors including:

  • Number of stories

  • Are 'gutter guards' in place

  • Square footage of home

  • Linear feet of gutter system

  • Long reaches or areas that require working over or around obstacles

Every home is different and should be looked at independently of any other home. A 'one-price-fits all' quote is not how Squeegee Pros approaches your individual job.

Homeowners, Renters, Property Managers, and Realtors have trusted us to take care of their gutters and downspouts for 2 decades. We are fast, friendly and affordable. And every job receives our 100% job satisfaction guarantee. Our locally trained technicians have the right equipment, experience and know-how to take care of your gutters the Squeegee Pro's Way!

Are we perfect? No, but we really try hard. And we have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials. Here's what a few had to say...

He did a great job, everything was spotless and all debris from the gutters was cleaned up and disposed of. I would absolutely recommend them again.

Great job, on time, went above and beyond cleaning hard to reach gutters. The technician was very polite and professional.

I will be using them every year going forward to clean out my gutters.
- Nicholas, DENVER

This company was great and is now my new gutter cleaning company. 
The crew was great - our gutters were tricky and they did a terrific job getting to every one of them.
- William, LAKE NORMAN

Squeegee Pros FAQs

How Do You Clean Windows?

How to Clean Windows:

Every glass window needs cleaning to look good. This is not as easy a task as you may think. Following a few small steps, cleaning windows can be done without much effort and time.

1. The first thing to do when deciding to clean windows is to choose the time of day when visibility is best. Professional window cleaners typically choose early morning, or later in the afternoon when the sun is not directly on the glass you will be cleaning.  The sun will dry the glass fast and will most likely leave streaks. To avoid this risk, it is better to choose a cloudy day so that the sun cannot dry the cleaning agent.

2. Before you start cleaning the windows, it is necessary to clean the windows and openings first. A tip is to pass a brush with wide bristles between the cracks in the window to eliminate dust.

3. Divide into parts and start from top to bottom.

4. There are many specific products for window cleaning, but if you want to wash your windows like a pro, you will need a squeegee, and a mixture of dish soap and water.

5. Use a scrubbing cloth or window mop to get the soapy water all over the glass; scrub harder on the dirty spots. Now use the squeegee to gently pull all the soapy water off the glass.

This should leave the windows spot-free and looking great!

What is the best way to clean windows streak free?

It is a common desire to get your widows spotless.

Is it even possible to achieve this feat? Yes, it is possible to clean windows streak-free if you follow basic steps or with the help of professional window cleaners in your city. The prime tip for a clean window is avoiding using towels, rags, or paper towel glass cleaners. The reason is that these "cleaners" will simply move dirt around your glass and will show when the sun shines through your windows.

Using a spot-free water rinse, or a squeegee will give you the best odds for perfect results.  Spot-free window cleaning utilizes water that has had all the contaminates removed.  Scrubbing the glass, and then rinsing it off will remove any spots or smears and leave it sparkling.  Finally, rinse with pure water further to remove the remaining streaks.

This great information was provided to us from Travis with Professional Window Cleaning in Denver.

What is the Best Window Cleaning Solution?

When it comes to homemade window cleaning solutions, you can't beat ordinary household vinegar. It has an antibacterial, germ-killing acidity which works wonders on just about any surface, including windows. And it's all-natural and non-toxic, so it's perfectly safe to keep around the house.

For the best results, you'll need to create a mixture of white vinegar and warm water, then apply it to the window with a sponge. The amount of dirt that has accumulated on your windows will determine how strong your vinegar solution needs to be. On average, a 50-50 split should be fine, but if the window in question is particularly dirty, you could even try straight vinegar.

A frequent problem with homemade window cleaning solutions is the streaks they leave behind on the glass. With vinegar, that's not a problem. The great thing about vinegar is that it's cheap and easy to come by, while its effectiveness has been celebrated by home-care gurus the world over.

Professional window cleaners typically use a simple dish detergent such as Dawn liquid as their best window cleaning solution.  The key to this is the commercial squeegee that pulls off all the dirt from the glass and leaves it perfectly clean.

How Do You Clean High Windows?

When it comes to cleaning high windows, there are a few different approaches you can take. It all depends on just how high they are. If it's several stories up, for example, then you're going to need to invest in a ladder. But make sure you are taking all the relevant safety precautions when you set up, such as checking that its "feet" are completely flat against the ground. Uneven ground could throw you off balance and puts you at greater risk of an accident. It might even be worth shopping around for a ladder with non-slip feet. Also, you will need to check that the ground is firm- you don't want to run the risk of your ladder sinking in the mud.

Alternatively, if you don't have a head for heights, your best bet might be to use an extendable window cleaning pole that will allow you to reach upstairs windows without leaving ground. This is certainly a safer option, but of course it won't allow you to reach those really high spots.

Special thanks to Nick at Century Pyramid Building Maintenance for this information

Where do I Find the Best Commercial Window Cleaners?

Are you looking for exceptional commercial window cleaning services? We have got you covered.

Windows allow natural light into your commercial spaces for a pleasant and productive work environment. However, dust and dirt can discolor the windows, leading to an unpleasant look. Contact from hands can also leave behind unpleasant smudges on the windows. Luckily, our business is here to solve all your window cleaning problems. We offer commercial window cleaning services for Charlotte ,NC & Lake Norman, NC.
We can handle any job size!

Call us and see why we are North Carolina's highest rated professional window cleaning service!

What is the Best Way to Wash Windows?

Are you wondering what is the best way to wash windows?

The answer is somewhat comical, but serious: let someone else do it!

Whether you're a commercial business or residential home owner, cleaning windows is not only a hassle but a liability at that. Even if you go through the effort of finding ladders, cleaning solution, and other supplies, your windows will go right back to grimy and dirty in a flash.

The best way to wash windows is to hire an experienced professional window cleaning company who has the right equipment, experience, and expertise. This will eliminate any chance of damage to you or your home or business. The specialized tools and solutions used by window washing professionals mean that your windows will stay clearer, longer.

Skylights, hard-to-reach areas, and decorative glass are best handled by experienced pros. Your neighbors and customers will be amazed at the difference. Don't risk your health by climbing up a ladder and taking things into your own hands.

Window services are easily affordable and a great way to take a load off your shoulders--literally!

Poorman Window Cleaning  in Boise, Idaho  provided us this snippet of information.